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     Moon in Twelfth House is in the house of his enemy Saturn. Moon gives eye problems in Twelfth house. Mind of the native is very weak and prone to negativity. Twelfth House is the house of research, losses, bondage and liberation. The emotional and free-spirited Moon isn't suited to deal with matters of Twelfth House. It generally struggles in Twelfth House. With Ketu or Jupiter as co-tenants it may lead to Moksha that is liberation from cycle of life and death. 

     There are chances of being deceived by a con artist posibly a female. Native maybe plagued by constant worries and anxities. Delays and disappointments are possible in normal routine jobs. Natives are good natured and are known to donate money, clothes and other necessities to poor and marginalized classes. Spouse maybe good natured but remains sickly. Native may retire early from his/her job or business.

    A favorable Moon in Twelfth House can help lead a successful and happy life in foreign lands. There are also chances of foreign travels.

     In the House of Losses, Moon would give physical, economical and emotional losses. Native is weak both physically and mentally. But on bright side there are chances of spiritual progress. Also there are chances to travel and settle abroad. Its best to pray to Lord Shiva in-case Moon is in bad condition in Twelfth House. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra helps deal with a weak mind. Natives should try light exercises to remain healthy but are warned not to undertake any strenous exercise.  

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