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     The first house belongs to Surya according to Vedic Astrology. Shani is not welcome in the 1st house. 1st house represents the physical and to certain point the emotional characteristics of the native. Shani is rigid, slow, dominating and boring. He brings disaster, famine, oppression and everything that is unwelcome by others. Naturally the person with Shani in first house isn't the most popular person on the campus unless other friendly planets help.

     But if the native leaves the popularity contest aside Shani is the best place in 1st house especially if it there is Tula Rashi, Makara Rashi or Kumbha Rashi in first house. Shani bring discipline which is often confused with restrictions. Shani loves following rules which is confused with boring personality. Shani also loves boundaries set up by social norms which is often confused as rigid nature. As long as native learns not to force his view on others he would fare well in life. Shani in 1st house helps craft an excellent and successful career for native through hard work and perseverance. Shani loves slow and methodological approach and success comes late but that success is stable and secure.

     The only houses that stand to lose with Shani in 1st house are the houses it casts a drishti on. That means equation with siblings, neighbours and ability to communicate with others could be hindered via drishti on 3rd house. Relationship with wife or business partner could also suffer via aspect on 7th house. Worst is relationship with employer, employees or co-workers at work place. But if there is a friendly rashi in 10th house then career sees excellent progress even if Shani does not have strength in 1st house.

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