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     12th house is popularly known as Vyaya Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It is the house which gives grief, despair and losses to an individual. Losses are not just monetary but also emotional and physical. As one of the dushamsthanas it can literally put individuals through the motions and create depression and anxities of unparallel quantities. 12th house also rules over prisons, ashrams, hospitals and mental institutions. On a better note it also rules research and doctarate programmes. But the most important of all is that the 12th house provides Moksha to an individual. 

     No one likes matters of the 12th house. Who would want to voluntarily go to prisons, hospitals or mental institutions? Who would like depression grief, despair and losses? Impact of 12th house is huge and the tag of Valley of Despair is apt for matters of this house. But after careful observation and practical experience a hypothesis starts to develop that the 12th house is perhaps the most misunderstood house in astrology.

     While not many people reading this article would care to get Moksha, it is essential to know that no rebirth equates to no suffering. For those who do not believe in the concept of Moksha, there is higher knowledge and deeper meaning of life associated with the 12th house. An individual gains an understanding of concepts which are outside the scope of what is already known. This is the reason why research and doctarate programmes are under the wings of the 12th house as these are fields where knowledge is not yet present in this world. For those who don't care two hoots about Moksha or Knowldge there is the most important aspect called bed pleasures ruled by 12th house. Many marriages break on complaints of incomplete or no sexual satisfaction derived from partners. 12th house ascertains whether you are sensual in bed or not. Perhaps more importantly it guarantees that your marriage is not broken on account of non-existent physical relationship with your partner. Apart from Ketu all the planets in 12th house are bad unless they form Vipreeta Raja Yoga. Especially bad placements are that of Shani who ensures that individual losses all his hard-earned fortune once in his lifetime. Guru may produce death of loved ones or despair due to hardships if it doesn't cause any favorable yoga. Shukra though ensures abundant bed pleasures it isn't ideal location considering the planet of material pleasures in the house of loss. Worst if Shukra+Surya in 12th house then high chances of divorce. Mangal located in 12th house causes Mangal Dosha. Bear in mind if rashi is favorable no adverse effect of Mangal Dosha are felt.   

     12th house on the positive side also rules dreams and imagination. All the successful fictional writers are blessed with distinctive and vivid imagination by blessings of the 12th house. Not only that lecturers and researchers, Ashrams and Hospitals run by blessings of the 12th house. 12th house has lots of negatives but equal amount of positives. It all comes down to perspective in the end. 

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