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     Shani in 10th house is in the house of its enemy Surya. In 10th house Shani brings many ups and downs in life. There are frequent changes in job and there is little or no stability until 35 years of life have passed. Unless there are other positive aspects or placements in 4th house the education wouldn't be continuous and failures possible in education sector. 

     Shani in tenth house provides many difficulties in early life. It casts a drishti (aspect) on 12th house, 4th house and 7th house from its placement and nearly destroys all the important portfolios. Losses in life both personal and monetary possible due to its drishti on 12th house. Aspect on 12th house and 7th house impact the marriage, physical relationship and equation with spouse. Marriage is late and there is less romance in it. There could be frictions with spouse and business partners. The relationship with father is problematic especially if the native is male and there is enemy rashi in 10th house. Death of mother or mother staying away from native during childhood years is also possible. The native may rise to top of management chain and then fall down to bottom of the management pits due to Shani in 10th house. 

     The difficulties in early life shape the native into an affectionate, smart and ambitious individual who achieves success through his own efforts. The native becomes a successful businessman or gets high post in a reputed MNC through his honest and sincere efforts. Progress may come late and after many difficulties in early life but once the career graph grows it is steady. Native can become an excellent lawyer, work in management firm or as software professional, judiciary, law and order, diplomatic relationship, accountancy firm, forestry and also in engineering. Native can carve out an excellent career as a Politician or in a business venture particularly in import-export, oil, astrology, software, engineering or accountancy firm.

     Shani in 10th house brings many ups and downs in life but as long as native stays humble and sincere there would ample of opportunities to move forward in life. The native with Shani in 10th house just needs to keep an open mind and be flexible enough to accomodate difficult timings. Prayers to Lord Hanuman and regularly chanting of Hanuman Chalisa especially on Saturdays is advisable.  

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