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     Shani in 11th house is in the house of Guru. Shani is quite comfortable in this house provided there is a favorable rashi. Native earns abundant wealth through hard work and achieves success through his own efforts. Shani blesses the native with wealth and longetivity though health maybe problematic. 

     Shani's placement in 11th house ensures there are less friends and smaller social circle as long as 11th house does not have a friendly rashi (sign). Even if there is a friendly rashi chances of good friends and trusted social contacts is few. Shani's portfolio is scarcity so it is natural that it lessens the effect of the house where it is placed. Having said that Shani gives wonderful results in wealth creation and native would have abundant wealth provided he works hard. Shani provides an excellent career in law. Shani in 11th house fares better in service sector but if there is relationship with 7th house lord or 2nd house lord then business is also possible. Shani's drishti (aspect) on 1st house creates doubts in mind, problems with health and also dark complexion in some cases. Shani's drishti on 5th house creates frictions with children and also losses via gambling or stock markets. Shani's drishti on 8th house blesses the native with long life but may give sorrows at the end of life time.

     Shani is not at all a bad placement in 11th house. As long as the native works hard he is sure to get abundant wealth and success. Native would have good employees working under him. Friends would be few but most of them would be trustworthy. For frictions with children recite mantras for Lord Ganesha and for old age woes a simple Mrityunjaya or Mahamrityunjaya mantra recitation would suffice. Overall it is a favorable placement for Shani. 

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