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     Shani in 12th house is in its natural home. Unfortunately though it does not bode well for the native. In 12th house it creates dearth of monetary funds. Native is very likely to suffer from acute shortage of money alteast once in his lifetime. 12th house besides monetary and physical loss also looks after sensual pleasures and sleep. Shani creates problem in getting adequate sleep and also physical chemistry with partner is not good. Combined with lack of money and restlessness this could ensure problems in marriage although Shani doesn't even cast a drishti (aspect) on 7th house.

     12th house is that bad a place for any planet and the lord of despair known as Shani in 12th house is quite bothersome. Having said that Shani does wonderful when native has Mithuna Lagna, Karka Lagna, Simha Lagna, Kanya Lagna, Dhana Lagna and Kumbha Lagna. Here Shani is the lord of rashi (sign) which occupies 6th house, 8th house or 12th house whereby it creates Vipreeta Raja Yoga. In simpler terms the first half of life for these natives is problematic but afterwards karmic balancing leads to a better life in the second half. Shani in 12th house creates mental tensions and anxities. Native is unable to concentrate on work and business. He is quite lonely and prefers solitude. Native has an interest in Politics and Higher Studies. If he is given encouragement he could carve out a nice career in Politics or as a Research Scholor. Bear in mind there are bound to be some damning allegations if the chosen career is Politics and native must be prepared to handle them when the time comes. Native could also work in monestary, as a trustee or in rehabilitation centre. Shani could also take the native to foreign lands to earn his bread and butter.

     Shani from 12th house casts a drishti on 2nd house, 6th house and 9h house. The drishti on 2nd house creates problems with wealth savings and family. There is an acute shortage of money atleast once in his life. The drishti on 6th house creates health problems and enemies also harass the native. There is defeat at the hands of enemies. Native could suffer from cough and cold and be addicted to drugs, alcohol or medicinal drugs. The drishti on 9th house could do wonders if it is a favorable rashi. The native could be religious and stern believer in God. Also native could get chance of higher studies in foreign lands. But if 9th house contains enemy rashi then native could be non-religious and sent to foreign lands to suffer.

     Shani in 12th house is not a good placement. But if the native takes concrete measures to save funds and not spend unnecessarily, be careful when dealing with family and works and study hard then it may lessen the effects. Also prayers to Lord Vishnu and regular chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaam could do wonders. Giving charity according to ones financial capacity would also help lessen the effects. There are other planets in horoscope houses beside the 12th house which could negate the effect of Shani in 12th house. So concentrate on strengthening the portfolio's of those planets and houses.


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