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     Mangal(Mars) in 1st house is in the house of its friend Surya. Mangal does great in this house especially if Guru or Chandra are co-tenants. Also drishti of Guru and Shani may keep the aggressive nature and restlessness of Mangal in check and promote his positive traits like quick and timely actions. In 1st house the presence of Mangal may give Mangal Dosha but depending on rashi and aspects the dosha may cancel.

     One of the unique facial traits of natives with Mangal in 1st house is some sort of scar on the face most likely on the head or near the eyes. Natives are thin and have reddish complexion. They are active, positive and quick to take actions. On the downside they maybe aggressive, get angered easily and quite restless. If Shukra or Rahu is with Mangal then they could be infatuated by love and often opt for marriages without putting a thought. Natives work hard, are optimistic even in failures and eager to get work done quickly. They may lack the precision and perfection but there are enough areas where time bound completion of projects are required. Natives with Mangal in 1st house are the best employees though not so ideal employers. Their nature to push everyone around isn't the most ideal trait for an employer. Marriage maybe late and perhaps for the better. Native both male and female should only marry after they have matured and gotten over their childish infatuations. They must understand the responsibilities towards their partner and need to understand him/her.

     The most ideal god for natives with Mangal in 1st house is Ganesha. Also Prayers to Adi Shakti or any of her forms is ideal. The current PM Of India Shree Narendra Modi is an avid bhakta of Maa Amba. He regularly does Fasting on both Vasant and Sharad Navratri consuming nothing but lime water for nine days. The results are in front of us. Since Mangal is associated with strength and vigour it is only natural to pray to Adi Shakti who is Prakruti (Nature) herself. Native with weak Mangal are better off praying to Ganesha. 

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