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     Mangal(Mars) in 2nd house is in the house of its enemy Shukra. Mangal is energetic, restless and quick. Shukra is pleasure loving, romantic and lover of arts, dances and luxury. Also 2nd house looks after family, speech and savings. Mangal is quite angry and gets into frequent arguments with family. Mangal loves action and hates speeches. Mangal maybe an excellent wealth generator but they rarely do savings and love splashing money on themselves and others. Naturally it is not too ideal to have Mangal in 2nd house.

     Mangal is considered a malefic. Malefics do well in the houses where they are placed. It is the houses where they cast an aspect (give drishti) which are damanged. Strangely the 2nd house placement of Mangal is considered bad especially if there are fiery planets like Ketu or Surya with it. Native has little or no savings due to family crisis or low income. Native gets into constant arguments and fight with family members. Also his speech is rough and rude. Ideally a good planet like Guru or Chandra and a favorable rashi like Makara Rashi, Kumbha Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Meena Rashi are ideal if Mangal is placed in 2nd house. It would be far better if Mangal is in Karka Rashi as far as 2nd house goes then Mangal in Mesha Rashi, Simha Rashi or Dhana Rashi. That would come as a surprise as these three signs are own or friendly rashis. Reason is simple. All the three rashis mentioned are fiery rashis and so are Ketu and Surya as planets. Fiery Rashi and Fiery Planets along with Mangal in 2nd house means very low income, frictions with family members and serious anger management issues.

     Mangal in 2nd house may do quite well in case there is with Guru or Chandra and in a favorable rashi makes a native wealthy, loved by family and friends and quite learned. He could have a wonderful job, get good inheritance and have good hidden wealth provided aspect is favorable. Mangal with Shukra is generally bad unless there are other positives. Also Mangal with Shani and Rahu ensure native has troubles getting sufficient savings and wealth generation.

     It is best if natives with Mangal in 2nd house pray to Ganesha. Ganesha is the God Of Auspiousness. He is astute, tactical and posseses a calm demeanor. He has all the qualities that hot-headed, hasty and over confident natives with Mangal in 2nd house need. Not only that Ganesha is obedient and worships his parents. A trait which earned him the post of Pratham Pujya (First Prayed God). Praying is not enough one must also learn the art of controlling anger. Always remember Gita Chaper 2 Sloka 63 that Anger creates Illusion and that Illusion destroys Rational Thinking which ultimately destroys Mind of Native and thereby destroys the Native. Try to daily read Bhagvad Gita Chapter 2 Shloka 54 to Shloka 72. These sholkas are key to unlocking success in one's life. 

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