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    3rd house in Vedic Astrology is the house of courage. Mangal/Mars is the epitome of fearlessness. This is the natural house for Mangal. Having said that Vedic Astrology is a classic case of paradox. The planets which are the significators of a house do maximum damage for matters of those house. This phenomenon is called Karaka Bhavo Nashya in Vedic Astrology. This Sanskrit term implies the Significators (Karaka) of a Horoscope House (Bhava/Bhavo) destroy (Nashya/Nashto) the fruits of those house. That does not necessarily mean native will never gain from placement of that particular planet but some or the other aspect of that house would be adversely affected. In this case Mangal in third house would adversely affect either communication skills, relationship with siblings/neighbors, short/long travels, courage or other matters which are defined by third house.

     Mangal in third house would give reckless nature. It also makes native an aggressive communicator and one who is not afraid to speak his mind. Someone who loves calling things as they are. While they don't make many friends with such attitude it is imperative that such people exists in the society. Mangal in third house makes a native critical and intolerant to the evils in the society. He/She would do best to highlight the evils in the society and try to change the behavior of the society. Naturally such people are always at loggerheads with friends, siblings, neighbors and society who do not like to be shown the mirror. This placement of Mangal has been known to produce quite a few courageous writers and journos who fearlessly expose wrong doers. This gives them quite a few enemies. They also need to travel a lot and most of the time those travels incur loss to them. The drishti (aspect) on 6th house gives a lot of enemies and drishti on 9th house gives frequent travels and monetary loss due to them. The drishti on 10th house may or may not be a redeeming factor depending on the rashi (horoscope sign) present in 10th house. General prediction is aspect on 10th house gives boost to career but produces quite a few enemies at workplace due to the competitive nature of the person. 

    Mangal in 3rd house gives a lot of bravado and little of rational thinking. So it suits them to pray to Ganesha the calm and cool god. In addition they may also pray to a subtle form of Adi Shakti. Prayers are not enough. Natives also need to keep their anger in check when dealing with siblings and neighbors. Society especially some backward thinking people are not yet open to criticism so when native writes about evils in society there should be an effort to highlight those evils through articulate text. Also competing less with others and more with oneself would help reduce animosity at workplace. 

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