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     Mangal in 4th house is not the most ideal placement. The 4th house rules mother, motherland, house/home among other things. The fierce and angry Mangal is not comfortable in 4th house which showers love, affection and provides shelter from opponents. Mangal is considered a malefic planet. Popular school of thought says malefics do well in horoscope house they are placed but create havoc on the horoscope house where they cast a drishti(aspect). In case of 4th house it is the placement of malefic planet which creates havoc. 

     4th house signifies heart of the native and it also rules over old age. So anyone who has malefic in 4th house can have heart problems and troubles in old age. If Mangal is in 4th house then chances of Open Heart Surgery rise dramatically. Provided the 8th house also has bad influences via aspect or placement it is very likely that Mangal in 4th house suggests difficult time in old age. Ofcourse there maybe exceptions and there is no iron clad rule in horoscope predictions. The drishti on 7th house produces the worst results. This causes Mangal Dosha. Though Mangal Dosha is not as worst as it made out to be it does create frictions in marriage. Marriages are about compromise and Mangal is all about fault finding and changing the wrong. Natives with Mangal in 4th house should take a note to keep anger in check in a marriage. Marriages are 

     Mangal's drishti from 4th house on 10th house and 11th house may very well work in natives favor. 10th house belongs to his friend Surya and 11th house belongs to his friend Guru. If there is friendly sign then it would boost the career quite a lot. Bear in mind there maybe a few changes in jobs/business profession but Mangal alone doesn't cause troubles at workplace and in regular income from its placement in 4th house. There are frictions with mother and father. Depending on rashi native may settle abroad or choose a career in defence of motherland. Native could become an excellent surgeon or even an actor if other planets favor. 

     To negate the ill-effects associated with Mangal in 4th house native should regularly pray to Shiva and especially chant Mrityunjaya/Maha-Mrityunjaya Japa. This becomes more important if there are malefic influence on 8th house as well. Ideally the native should keep anger in check in marriage matters. At workplace it is good to be fierce and competitive but not at cost of making enemies out of comrades. In old age native should try to regularly exercise and also do yoga and pranayam to keep anger in check. 

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