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     Mars in 5th house is in the house of its friend Jupiter. Mars does well provided there is a favorable sign. Native gets into arguments with his children and may also suffer heavy losses in gambling/stock markets if there is bad influence on 5th house. 5th house is the house of romance and entertainment. Mars gives aggression to pursue romance and desire to be famous. Native whether a male or female could be a flirt and be involved in a few affairs if any sort of association of Mars+Venus is present in 5th house. Even if Mars is present in Taurus Sign or Libra Sign which belongs to Venus this result holds true. 

   5th house also rules fame. Mars forces native to pursue fame in a vigorous manner and sometimes by any means. Also native is drawn to quick and easy money. Gambling and Stock Markets are often the place where natives with Mars in 5th house lose a fortune. If there is an enemy sign in 12th house and if there are other unfavorable placement in 12th house then native would by all means lose a fortune in gambling. Mars from 5th house aspects the 8th house, 11th house and 12th house. The aspect on 8th house creates frictions with the in-laws in first marriage. There could be trouble in inheritance if there is enemy sign and 8th house lord is ill-disposed. The aspect on 11th house is not that bad provided there is a favorable sign. There maybe frequent change of jobs if there is an unfavorable sign but it does less harm in 11th house. The aspect on 12th house is the worst. If there is enemy sign there could be divorce in 1st marriage owing to less intimacy, heavy losses and even a trip to prison if there are other unfavorable placements in 12th house. 

     While Mars overall is not bad for 5th house the aspect on 8th house and 12th house does do some problems. Native is advised not to go for easy money. Native should also try to stay away from infatuations and extramarital affairs outside of marriage. Try long term and proper investment. Also try to be cordial with in-laws and try to be nice with them. Frictions with children need to be avoided and tact and diplomacy need to be used when dealing with them. The native should pray to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is the ideal child, carefully thinks over things and the lord of auspiciousness.

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