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     Mars in the 6th house is the most ideal location for it. 6th house is the house of enemies, debts and diseases. Mars provides aggression and competitive attitude which sees native overcome the difficulties associated with this house. As long as Mars is strong or placed with Moon in 6th house native does quite well. There is an ideal career in Sports. Over and above native may also make a wonderful career in Army, Navy or Police. Also favorable are career as a Human Rights Activist, as a Surgeon and as an Engineer.

   Two negatives make a positive in Mathematics. Similarly in astrology a malefic planet in a malefic house provides a strong and favorable result. More then that it is the character of Mars which enables the native to gain victory over matters of the troublesome 6th house. The aspect of Mars on 9th house is in the house of its friend Jupiter. Only flaw could be the aspect on 12th house which is the house of Saturn. The aspect on 1st house provides the native with a fierce and competitive attitude. Mars in 6th house does bring a fair share of disease, debt and enemies. But native should be able to overcome those with the energy and aggression provided by Mars in 6th House placement. If there are bad influence on 6th house then and then only would enemies come out on top. The downside of Mars in 6th house could be bad subordinates and not getting on well with them. 

     Mars in 6th house is generally favorable. It gives victory over enemies. But if there are negative influence on 6th house then native does stand to lose. It is better for natives to opt for a sporting career or a career in defense. It would give native the legal sanctity to deal with enemies as one pleases. Career as a surgeon or engineer is also not bad if other planets are favorable. Prayers to Kartikeyan or Hanuman are most favorable for persons who favor sports and defense jobs. If the person is employed in other sectors then prayers to a more rational god preferably Ganesha are advised. 

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