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     Mars in 7th house is in the house of his enemy Venus. Venus is romance and Mars is aggression. This placement makes the native quite lustful. This placement is quite troublesome in a number of ways. It causes a strong case of Mangal Dosha. Before pressing the panic button in marriage do read: Mangal Dosha Simplified to understand that it is nothing catastrophic and some considerations can help mellow down the effects.. 

     Mars in 7th house causes frictions with spouse. Marriage is most likely late and more so if Saturn, Rahu and other malefics join or cast a aspect on 7th house. There are problems in Business Partnerships and possible fights and litigation's by business partner. Native could be forced to be dependent on others for livelihood. Female natives could have problems with conceiving, changes in menstrual cycles, frequent Urinary Tract Infection and inflammation around private parts of body. There could be losses in court cases for both male and female natives as 7th house also rules legal proceedings. Mars casts an aspect on 10th house, 1st house and 2nd house from its placement in 7th house. The aspect on 10th house provides energy and aggression at workplace. This give success but there could be some problems with compatriots at workplace. The aspect on 1st house causes health issues and sudden burst of anger. There could likely be a head injury and scar around the eye. The worst aspect is the aspect on 2nd house. It causes friction with family members, gives a rough and blunt speech and worst of all affects life savings. There are health issues, legal troubles or some other troubles which makes it impossible for native to save wealth.

    Mars in 7th house could provide troubles in matters of marriage, stored wealth, legal troubles and health issues. Also the native could have frictions with family members and serious anger management issues. Regular Pranayam especially Anulom Vilom, Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayam is a must. In addition prayers to Hanuman and Shiva would help calm the mind and achieve abstinence from wordly desires especially the excess lust that is present in natives.

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