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     Mars in 8th house is in the house of its enemy Saturn. This placement offers quite a few difficulties especially related to health. 8th house is the house of Secrets, Inherited Wealth, Hidden Assets, Mystic Knowledge, Black Arts and in-laws in the first marriage. The fiery and hot tempered Mars is not suited to handle the delicate issues associated with the 8th house. It brings chaos in the 8th house and more so if there is Sun as co-tenant in 8th house.

     Mars in 8th house causes an acute problem of haemorrhoids(piles). That is cause 8th house rules the large intestine, anus and buttocks and Mars being fiery causes inflammatory diseases in those parts. It also causes frequent inflammation in pelvic region for males and uterus region for females. The case of hemorrhoids is unbearable if there is a fiery planet like Sun or Ketu associated with Mars and a fiery sign ruling the 8th house. Such natives are advised to avoid spicy foods, do Kapal Bhati Pranayam and Ashwini Mudra for atleast 30 mintues a day. Anti-Biotic food items like Turmeric and Neem Plants should be consumed regularly. The inflation and frequent Urinary Tract Infection can be cured by drinking lots of water and doing Kapal Bhati Pranayam. Mars is spendthrift and often makes native spend money recklessly. So both inherited and hidden assets are all but destroyed. There is little or no Savings due to aspect on 2nd house. Also there are frictions with family members due to this troublesome aspect. The 4th aspect on 11th house causes some troubles with regular income but unlikely to cause huge troubles as 11th house is the house of Mars friend Jupiter. This case may reverse if there is an enemy planet or sign located in native's horoscope. The worst is the 8th aspect on 3rd house. Native has frequent quarrels with siblings and neighbors. The spouse of the native is likely to be sickly and prone to early death if there are other fatal associations in horoscope of marriage partner. 

     Mars in 8th house is quite a troublesome placement. Besides health it causes difficulties in Savings, getting Regular Income and also causes frictions with Family Members. It is necessary that such natives pray to a more subtle form of God like Ganesha or Calmer form of Shiva. If native prays to a Female Deity then he/she should make sure it is a serene form like Lakshmi or Saraswati.


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