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     Mars in 9th House is placed in the house of his friend Jupiter. This placement offers somewhat better results in matters of religion, travels for business and education related purpose as well as finding a good mentor(Guru/Teacher) if the planet Jupiter is in good condition. There could be misunderstandings and fights with siblings. In extreme cases there could be death for siblings. 

     Mangal does well in this house. It provides authority and wealth to the native. Native is blessed with good children provided fifth house is strong.  Venus as co-tenant in 9th House could give a happy life in a foreign country. But it could also suggest dual marriage for both male and female natives. Native is a frequent traveller and needs to travel long distance often. If Jupiter or Mercury are co-tenants then native is religious and learned otherwise Mars alone in a bad sign could make the native Atheists and one who doesn't like following culture and norms of society. Aspect on 12th House causes losses both personal and financial. Aspect on the 4th House causes frictions at home and also requires native to stay away from homeland. Natives are advised not to buy or sell property. Native should also ensure property is registered under name of someone else in the family whom native considers lucky. Aspect on 3rd house causes differences with siblings and neighbors. Also native needs to take care when communicating his point across so as not to appear as rude to others.

     Mars in 9th House is not bad. Some troubles are possible in matters of home, brothers-sisters, property dealings and losses both person and financial. But it is still a good placement especially if Jupiter, Venus or Mercury are co-tenants or casting an on Mars in 9th House. Even placement of 9th House lord with Mars could negate the ill-effects. Native needs to take care of language when communicating so as not to appear rude and unsavory. Also he needs to buy property in name of one of his/her family members. 

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