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     Mars in the 10th House is in the house of its friend Sun. Native with Mars in 10th House rises to high position in life and is quite active at workplace. The downside of Mars in this location are frictions at home and also troubles with buying and selling property. Frictions with children are not ruled out.

     Mars in 10th House creates a fearless individual and an autocrat. The native is hard working, sincere, time bound and loves pushing others at workplace and is a dream employee for bosses. The subordinates and co-workers do not share the joy of bosses for obvious reasons. Mars in this house makes the native fond of earning praise and go that extra mile to earn a little more income. If Mercury joins Mars then the native could be a skilled scientists, technician or a software or hardware developer. If Saturn joins Mars then also similar roles are possible with Politician added to the list. If Jupiter is with Mars then native could become a Corporator or Mayor or Governor/Chief Minister. With Venus along with Mars in 10th House the native could also become a successful trader in foreign land. Mars with Rahu in 10th House makes the native a Politician or Actor. Mars with Ketu is tough but fetches income in mercenery work or spirituality.

     Mars in 10th House is not bad but aspect on 4th House creates frictions with mother, makes the native leave the comfort of his homeland. In certain cases he joins army to defend his homeland. Worst of all land dealing could spell trouble and natives are advised to stay away from buying or selling property in their names. Old Age could show some difficulties especially if Shani, Rahu or Ketu are also co-tenants or situated in 4th House which rules old age. The aspect on 1st House provides energy and aggression. Sometimes anger takes over rational thinking and native get involved in fights which ruin his/her reputation. The 8th aspect on 5th House does not go well for relationship with children. Children maybe few. There could be some troubles in Gambling an d Stock Markets.

    Natives with Mars in 10th House are advised to pray to Lord Hanuman. Also try to keep their anger in check. Not to buy or sell property by using their name. Also keep frictions in check with children.

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