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     Mars in 11th House is in the house of its friend Jupiter. Mars fares well in 11th House especially if there is a favorable sign. According to B. V Raman native will be eloquent and assertive speaker. He would be clever and rich but also prone to lustful activities. He would acquire many properties and wield considerable influence in the top circles.

     Mars in 11th House does good as it is the house of his natural friend Jupiter. The results are far better if there is a favorable horoscope sign and friendly planets associated with Mars. Native has fair amount of popularity in friends and social circle. Native likes to be the center of attention in inner circles. Native earns a decent income and has the capacity to work hard to get better financial gains. Native is ambitious and enterprising. In a bad sign this auspicious placement can provide adverse effects. It can give jealous and back stabbing friends and also there could be difficulties in earning regular income.

     But generally speaking Mars fares well in the 11th House. The aspect on 2nd House could be a bit problematic and is known to deplete savings. Native loves over-spending and has less desire to generate Savings in life. It could be possible that Savings get depleted due to some or other troubles which plague the native. But capacity of the native to generate sufficient income helps him get over this troubled aspect on 2nd House. Native maybe a flirt and quite romantic. He/She could have many romantic relationships. If Venus or Rahu are co-tenants or placed in 5th House then there is every possibility that native opts for Love Marriage and sometimes even gets involved in Runaway Marriage which is not sanctioned by his/her parents and society as a whole. The aspect on 6th House could give uncomforting results for health. There could be inflamattion and swelling around stomach and intestines and often acidiity due to aspect of Mars. 

     Overall 11th House is a great placement for Mars. The native if harassed by this placement must pray to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi for Financial Stability. Also native must regularly do Pranayam especially Sheetali and Kapal Bhati Pranayam to ensure there is no stomach problems. 


Raman B. V (2016) How to Judge A HOROSCOPE Volume II, Delhi,Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

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