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     Mars in the 12th House is not so ideal placement for it. 12th House belongs to Saturn who considers Mars as his enemy. 12th House placement of Mars causes a strong case for Mangal Dosha. There could be jealous friends and well wishers who could work behind the back of native to cause his/her downfall. 

     Mars in 12th House may give negative publicity at times due to the strong aspect on 3rd House. Native maybe lustful. Sensual and Bed Pleasures are comparatively less or missing.  The 6th House aspect may give diseases related to heat in the body. The 7th House aspect causes frictions with first wife and business partners if any. Natives are advised to be careful in partnership business. If possible they should avoid business partnership. There is a strong case for second marriage especially if both 7th House and 8th House both contain malefics. There is a possible chance of deception and loss of money if the native is not careful in his financial dealings. There is fear of fire and prison. In some cases there is a possibility of burning or getting locked up in prison. 

     12th House is not the best place for Mars. But a few precautions could keep the natives out of harms way. Native need to be careful of hidden enemies who guise themselves as friends and well wishers. They need to take extra care not to cheat or get cheated in financial dealings. Stay away from business partnership if possible. In marriage native requires to devleop a loyal and compromising attitude to make the marriage sustainable. Prayers to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi should ease the anger related issues and troubled financial dealings. 


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Bhrigu Samhita

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