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     Sun in the 1st House is in its own house. Sun is more or less at home in the First House. According to B. V. Raman, Sun in first house gives a strong moral character, right-minded nature, ambition and love for power. The native is cheerful and very optimistic. Also he is quite popular.

     Sun sometimes gives a hot constitution especially if Mars or Saturn are placed as co-tenants. There are chances of burns or scars if fiery planets like Mars and Ketu are co-tenants. Gentle planet like Moon, Mercury and Jupiter may strengthen the character of the native. Although Sun in debilitated state could lead to skin problems or blood impurities. There are chances of frequent fevers, inflamations and eye infections. Sun also rules over skin and skin may suffer from frequent burns and boils if sun is in bad condition in the first house. Generally Sun in 1st House does good. It gives prominent eyes and fantastic vision. It gives confidence which sometimes borders on arrogance. Strength and Character to defeat enemies as well as bad timings is also a boon of Sun in 1st House. There are very few health concerns and mostly non-existent if Sun is in good condition. Only if he is combust or in a bad sign is there a chance of health issues. 

     Normally Sun in 1st House is a blessing to have. But if Sun is combust or in a bad sign then there are chances of health, skin and eye problems. In these cases the natives should eat food rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C like Carrots, Oranges, Tamarind, Amla(Gooseberry), Butter and other sources. Native should regularly recite the Gayatri Mantra which gives good health and well-being. Last but not least Twelve Steps of Surya Namaskar keep skin and digestion problems away and keeps the body and health in check. 


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