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     Sun in 2nd House is not the best placement. 2nd House looks after matters of Family, Monetary Savings, Speech as well as Right Eye and Ear. Sun is a fiery planet who is confident, loves royalty and is not afraid to show off. The subtle matters of 2nd House are not suited for planetary characteristics of Sun. But in some horoscopes placement of Sun in 2nd house may do wonders especially if there is Mercury or Jupiter as co-tenant. If there are planets like Saturn, Mars, Ketu or Venus as co-tenant then the results are not so ideal. 

      According to B. V. Raman, Sun in 2nd House causes losses when native offends the authorities. He can have some skin problems on the face. Also he is likely to be stubborn in nature. He can obtain money by hard work and diligence. If the astrological sign and co-tenants favor then native could be a very popular singer. This holds true if Mercury is co-tenant along with Sun and either Mercury or Sun are lord of 11th House or 2nd House. If Sun in 2nd House is located in a fiery sign like Leo Sign, Aries Sign or Sagittarius Sign and has fiery planets like Mars and Ketu as co-tenants then native would have a hard time getting any Savings in his life. The aspect on 8th House is not that good and affects matters of Inheritance, Relationship with In-Laws and also affects Bonds and Mutual Funds. According to B. V. Raman eyesight of natives may suffer if Sun and Moon are co-tenants in the 2nd House. If Sun is aspected by enemy planets like Saturn or Rahu then there could be heavy losses in Savings. 

     Sun in 2nd House is a favorable placement only if there are planets like Mercury or Jupiter as co-tenants. If a native is suffering from adverse effects of Sun in 2nd house like Heavy Losses, No Savings, Skin and Eye Problems then he should regularly chant the Gayatri Mantra. Also twelve poses of Surya Namaskar improve Skin and Eye Problems. Besides that regular Yoga and Pranayam are important. For loss of Wealth and Monetary Savings prayers to Lord Ganesha are quite ideal as he is the lord of Riddhi(Wealth) and Siddhi(Accomplishments). 


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