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     Sun in 3rd House is in the house of his friend Mars. Sun does well here provided the horoscope sign is favorable. Sun in 3rd House situated in an unfavorable sign could give fights with siblings and neighbors. Also bad health of brothers and negative publicity in media possible due to an afflicted Sun in the 3rd House.

     According to B.V. Raman, Sun in the 3rd House makes the native courageous and resourceful. He is successful in his life. An afflicted Sun in 3rd House could suggest siblings who are either weak both physically and financially or do not share cordial relationship with native. Also an afflicted Sun is very likely to give bad media publicity. As long as Sun is good there is success in Communication Field, chance of working in Media and Entertainment Sectors and also possibility of gaining via short travels. The native could also make a fortune out of writing a novel. The sole aspect of Sun on the 9th House is great for Foreign Travels, Spirituality and Higher Studies as long as 9th House does not contain enemy planets or sign. In case there is an enemy sign or planet in 9th house then troubles via Foreign Travels are possible. 

     Sun in 3rd House is not a bad placement for it. Natives who have bad relationship with siblings and neighbors should regularly read Ramayana and try to emulate the character of Lord Rama to repair broken relationship. Those who have gained bad publicity via afflicted Sun in 3rd House are also advised to put into practice the actions of Lord Rama. Sooner or later karma will turn around and give back well deserved fame via patience and perseverance. 

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