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Mangal Dosha Simplified

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     There is already an article written on Mangal Dosha but it is way too complicated for prospective brides and grooms. So here is a simplified version. Mangal Dosha is said to occur when Mars occupies the 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house in a horoscope counted from Moon or Ascendant. Below images show how a Mangal Dosha is formed in a horoscope. Chances of having Mangal Dosha in horoscope are more then 50%.

Mangal Dosha North
Mangal Dosha South

Fault With The World

     Natives with prominent Mars display uncontrolled anger. They are like an active volcano ready to erupt anytime. It is impossible for those around to bear them. In support of natives with Mangal Dosha they actually are people who cannot stand wrong in the society. They raise their voice and get into arguments and fights with others at home and outside home. A society or home which ignores wrong doers is more at fault then ones who raise their voice against it. The family and society do not understand that by not raising their voice against wrong doers they are actually promoting that behavior.

     But the society and family members try fixing the right ones up instead of themselves. It is true that Mangal Dosha natives need to control their anger and emotions but it is also true that sometimes they see things the way it should be.

Marriage after Twenty-Eight Years

     There is this weird theory that natives with Mangal Dosha shouldn't marry before twenty-eight years of their life have passed. If they marry early then they should perform some Mangal Dosha removal ritual. That is load of bullshit offered by astrologers. They think natives mature by the age of twenty-eight years and learn to compromise. Such silly theories should be thrown in dustbin cause there are people who never mature. If you learn the art of compromise then you can marry at legal age for marriage. Just understand that marriage requires understanding and adapting with your partners nature. That applies to both partners in marriage irrespective of gender.

     The other likely reason for such odd theory is often young prospective bride and grooms marry due to intense physical attraction. There is some truth in this theory. Natives with Mangal Dosha should ensure it is more then mere attraction. Natives should carefully weigh the pros and cons in partner before marriage.

Marriage Partner Dies

     When Mars is aspecting the 8th house then astrologers generally warn that death of partner is possible after marriage and native must perform some sort of ritual to get rid of problem. Another marvelous trick to fool clients and make money. A horoscope decides fate of the native, not his/her partner. The partners fate is decided by his/her horoscope. So if there is early death then there should definitely be some combination in partners horoscope which suggests such outcome.

     Ofcourse aspect or placement of Mars in 8th house suggests problems with in-laws. So try to use rational and logic when dealing with them.

Matching Mars with Mars/Saturn

     Astrologers excel in making life miserable out of natives. They match Mangal Dosha natives with other Mangal Dosha natives. Just put a tiger in cage with a lion and see how they fight all the time and try to kill each other. Similar is the fate of two natives who are matched just cause they both have Mangal Dosha. Competent astrologers actually know this but they think it is better if two angry maniacs come together and ruin each others life rather then ruin other people's life.

     Another stupid idea is to marry Mangal Dosha natives with partners who have Saturn in the 7th house. For example if native has Mars in 2nd house then astrologers find it smart to marry them to natives with Saturn in 8th house. Irony kills itself cause there is more chance of fire and water co-existing then Mars and Saturn co-existing.

Right Marriage Partners

     Natives with Mangal Dosha should be married to person with Jupiter in 7th house from where native's Mars is located in his/her horoscope. Jupiter is calm, rational and logical and the fiery and hot-tempered Mars loves Jupiter's magnanimous personality. They instantly bond like water and sugar. Also fine is Sun and Moon in 7th house for partner. Sun is full of flair and bit of arrogance but he is also capable and Mars adores Sun's leadership capabilities. Moon is emotional, kind, empathetic and caring. Natives with Mangal Dosha maybe angry but they aren't bad people. They would definitely warm up to genuine care and concern.


     Keep the simple points in check and marriage works out just fine for natives with Mangal Dosha. Learn the art of compromise and adjustment which are required for any marriage to last. Do not get all worried and tensed if an astrologer suggests you have Mangal Dosha. Try to use logic rather then superstitions to deal with Mangal Dosha.

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