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Arranged Marriage Conditions

  Everyone loves Love Marriages but there are less chances of love marriage unless there are criteria's present in horoscope as mentioned in the article: Yogas For Love Marriage. Arranged Marriages are often confused with Fixed or Forced Marriages. When Parents or Guardians decide the life partner without the consent of bride/groom then that is Forced Marriage not Arranged Marriage.

  Arranged Marriage is when parents, relatives, friends, co-workers or people in community arrange for bride and groom to meet and only plan marriage after consent of both the bride and the groom.

Check Placement of Jupiter or Venus

  As mentioned in the article: Find Your Future Spouse your marriage partner can be found by knowing the placement of Venus and Jupiter in a horoscope. Check placement of Jupiter in a female horoscope and placement of Venus in a male horoscope to know about the partner. For females who are divorced the second partner is indicated by Saturn.

Parents or In-laws

  When Jupiter or Venus is placed in 4th house or 10th house there is a high possibility that parents or in-laws help with meeting your future life partner. In a likely case that marriage is not happening it would be worth a try to ask your parents to try for your marriage or put your profile in a matrimonial magazines/newspapers/website in a way that it impresses the future in-laws.

Friends Help

   Friends can help with meeting your dream partner if your Jupiter or Venus is in 11th house or in 5th house. It can also be possible that friends of your husband or wife could arrange your meeting at a party or fun event.


   Sometimes your employees, co-workers, boss or business partner could set you up with that special someone if your Jupiter or Venus is in 11th house (house of regular income), 10th house (career house), 6th house (house indicating service roles) or 7th house(house of marriage and business partnerships).

Paternal/Maternal Relatives

   Maternal Aunt or Maternal Uncle could also help you meet that special someone provided your Jupiter/Venus is in the 6th house. If your Jupiter/Venus is in 12th house then Paternal Aunt and Paternal Uncle could help you with finding the right partner. Also in 6th house the paternal-in-laws (paternal relatives of your husband/wife) and in 12th house the maternal-in-laws (maternal relatives of your husband/wife) could find you the right person for their nephew or niece


   When placement of Jupiter or Venus is in 3rd house, 11th house or 9th house then there is a likely possibility of finding the life partner via paid adverts on websites, newspapers or magazines. If there is Jupiter/Venus in 3rd house or 11th house then the prospective bridge/groom should try putting an advert for a suitable match. If Jupiter/Venus is in 9th house then it would be ideal to reply to the placed advert to find your suitable match.


  Marriage by all means governed by fate. It cannot and will not happen unless the native is destined to be with the life partner. But it is also necessary to try to find the life partner and find him/her in the right direction. Just hoping for a perfect partner won't get you one but looking in the right direction and asking the right people to get you hitched might eventually get you marital bliss. Try the Vedic Mantras to get divine help if marriage is not happening inspite of trying hard.


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