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Dilemma For Brides/Grooms

   Its quite difficult to find the right partner in marriage. After all most girls want to marry the rich, handsome guy from movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. Most boys want to marry the buxom babe or slim supermodel who is an eye candy and fun to be with. Unfortunately for them Prarabdha decides whom and when they marry. Marriage is about two people wanting to share their lives together but it wouldn't be wrong to say that your social prestige is also defined by person you marry.

Finding Right Partner

   Bad news is Astrology cannot fix you with the partner of your dreams. The good news though is Astrology can help you find the person with whom you can happily share your life. The 7th house and influence on it decide whom you should marry. There are times when native marries someone of his/her age and a partner who hadn't been previously involved with anyone, there are other times when native may have to select someone considerably younger/older or someone who had been involved with others, there are also times when they need to marry divorcee partners. Native may even opt for same sex marriage depending on certain combinations in horoscope.

Marrying First Timers

  When there are no evil influence on 7th house and when there are benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon or Venus in 7th house then marriage partner would be handsome or beautiful depending on gender. Marriage will most likely be late but it actually works in favor of both partners in marriage. Partner and Native both get on happily with each other. As long as there is no aspect or evils in navamsha the marriage would work out just fine.

Marrying Older/Younger Partners

  There are certain times when native marries someone much older or younger then him. When Saturn(signifies old age) is with Mercury(signifies youth) the marriage may well be to a person much younger then the native. Also there are high chances of marriage in old age. When there is Leo Ascendant (Leo Sign as Ascendant) then native marries someone much older then him or her. It may actually work in favor of natives who have Leo Ascendant or combinations like Saturn+Mercury, Saturn+Jupiter or Jupiter+Mercury to marry someone with a considerable age difference. A person who has been previously involved in a relationship may also work. Unless evils do not influence the 7th house and Navamsha marriage works out quite well in such cases.

Marrying Divorcees

  When there are evil influences of Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn on 7th house via aspect or placement it is quite prudent to marry a divorcee partner. The marriage partner who has already suffered in previous marriage and broken up would make that extra effort to make things work in the second marriage be it a male or a female partner. Natives with evil influences in 7th house would do well to try this road as it may work in their favor. If they opt for fresh marriage then there are high chances of divorce. Having said that final decision should be with the native. Don't let astrologers and astrology influence your choice.

Same-Sex Marriage

  Sometimes same sex marriage may also work in few natives favor. There are times when Saturn(Eunuch) and Mercury(Eunuch) combine with male or female planets in certain houses. While this may not always be the case these combinations drive natives to be bi-sexual or homosexual. Marriage isn't really about vows but rather a contract to stay together. So it doesn't really matter if natives exchange marriage vows or not. The important thing should be that both partners are committed to staying together. 


  Natives often can't find the right marriage partner cause they are always looking at the wrong places and wrong people. First know the right place where to find the marriage partner via Find Your Future Spouse. Then find the right person to whom you should marry. Finally there should be a desire to stay through thick and think with that person. The essence of a successful marriage is a lot of understanding and a bit of compromise. Dave Muerer is perfectly right when he says: "A great marriage is not when the Perfect Couple comes together but when an Imperfect Couple learns to enjoy their differences."

Kindly Note

  Astro Isha doesn't encourage or discourage same-sex marriage. Our Job as astrologers is to predict likely outcome, not influence or change a narrative. Native is advised to use reasoning and logic when selecting the right partner for him/her. Also consultation with family, friends and loved ones is also essential before plunging for marriage. Always remember an astrologer would suggest likely roads to take which will help you achieve your destination. It should be your own choice which road would work best for you.


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