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"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies"-Aristotle.

     On a universal note love is eternal and boundless but for this article love would be confined to emotions between two individuals who share affection and plan to spend their lives with each other. Love starts with admiration, followed by attraction, followed by lust, followed by physical relationship and finally ends with contentment or dissolution. Ofcourse real love has no regrets or resentment and only wants the well being of the concerned love interest. But that love is unlikely barring a few yogas are in a horoscope. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that majority of people who visit this site or article are not interested in love of that platonic level.

     When you fall in love with someone it is only natural to have a desire to spend more time with him/her. When love happens to an individual they start to live in a different dimension and see things that would provide them bliss and happiness. Depending on Jupiter's or Rahu's transit proximity between the two concerned individuals increases and desire to live with them through thick and thin of life starts to arise. During those happy times an individual feels nothing wrong with his partner and overlooks all of his/her flaws. Love shows a world which is full of hope and optimism. The concerned lover starts to enjoy and appreciate the blue skies above him and the colorful flowers around him. When they finally arise from their imagination land thanks to the transit of Mr. Reality Check called Saturn or Mr. Dissolution called Ketu they see The Ugly Truth Of Relationship. 

     While love is more of a privilege, relationship is more of a responsibility to stay together due to social norms. Everything is fine as long as you are in love but when that love disappears then you see the faults which you overlooked a long time ago. Suddenly the skies turn gray, sunshine is replaced by dark clouds and happiness is replaced by gloominess. All of a sudden lightning strikes his/her brain and the concerned native repents on how stupid he or she was to fall for The Relationship Trap. Bear in mind this is the critical point in a native's life. Some individuals separate while other resourceful souls adapt and compromise while still staying together. The important thing to note is this is not due to any planetary yogas but through perseverance, satisfaction and compromise. This is the part where relationship changes from a duty to a privilege. Relationship is no longer a burden at this junction and becomes a relief to have been in a relation. Albeit this may take a lifetime to achieve and others quit and even try other alternatives.

   Whether you love a person, live in a relationship or have separated it is very important to understand that planetary combinations have a large say in it. While ultimately it is a choice of individuals the circumstances surrounding the choices are influenced by planets and past karma both good or bad. 


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