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"The love of a family and admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege."- Charles Kuralt

   Family is perhaps the first shelter as well as last refuge that a person can seek in times of happiness and sorrow. Money can definitely buy pleasures but only sharing with family and friends can give real happiness. There maybe countless obstacles in life but when you have family, friends and well wishers all the difficulties in life seem trivial. A flower left alone would wither in no time and same way a person who is alone and lonely starts to feel sad and lonely after a while. The greatest assets in life are Friends and Family members and the greatest wealth in life is Health.

   Importance of family is evident even in astrology where the 1st house in horoscope represents the native while the following house represents family of the native. 2nd House is also the significator for life savings and assets. It wouldn't be wrong to say that family is the greatest assets a person can have. If 2nd house has Jupiter or Venus, the native is not only wealthy but also has a large family and loving members. The 3rd house is significator for brothers and sisters. If it is in bad condition you can have quarrels, fights and irreparable relationship with siblings. If it is in a good condition then native may derive benefits from brothers and sister. The 4th house is most important house in the entire horoscope as it represents the mother. It is also the significator for happiness. A good mother is the source of happiness and unconditional love for the native. 5th house is the house of children while it is also a significator for prestige. A child would give a good or bad name to their parents through their actions. 6th house shows Maternal Uncles and Aunts. 7th House is for life partner, 8th House represents the in-laws. 10th house is for father. It is also a house which represents your social standing in life. Father is a source of inspiration for most children and most children try to ape their father figure (sometimes mother or someone else becomes father figure). 12th house represent Paternal Uncles and Aunts. 

     A family is limited to house or social occassions. But through life's roads be it schools, colleges or work is where you find the need for a friend. In astrology the 11th house governs friendship. It is worth mentioning that it also the House of Gains. A good 11th house would give benefits and a lot of friends. Friends can help through life's roads and give appropriate guidance. The condition of 11th house and its lord decide whether you get friendship which help you achieve success or those that hinder your progress in life.

   To simplify things one person gets the family and friends not like he wants but like he is destined to have. What needs to be done is accept them as they are and live with them through thick and thin of life. 


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