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     The most asked questions in astrology are generally related to Marriage and Career. Quite an irony considering these two subjects are driven by Prarabdha. It is human tendency to ask for happiness and satisfaction in life and that is not possible without a stable and successful career. The web based definition of Career is "An occupation for a significant period of person's life with opportunities for progress". Focus is on Significant Period and Opportunities. Unless it is for a long duration there is no stability and without stability there is no happiness or peace. Without Opportunities there is no growth and without growth there are no profits or savings. 

     10th house and 6th house are analysed by astrologers for Career. But what they should actually check is the 11th House which the House of Gains and Regular Income. After all everyone is in the business of making money so why bother with 10th house and 6th house. Any connection of the 11th house with any other planetary lords of any house would ensure profits or income in the given field. In a way it is not a bad idea to ignore 6th house and 10th house. But life's purpose is governed by the 10th house and life's debt are measured by 6th house. Since income is governed by fate it is imperative to check the 6th house for person's debt or service he must undertake and 10th house to know the Karma which was planned for him. For example if you are meant to be a doctor and to serve poor and needy then Karma would drive you in a place where people are poor and needy. If you are meant to be surgeon and earn millions through operating then Karma would drive you in that direction. End of the day it all depends on life's purpose. No point running away from it whatever income you get. 

     If you are planning Career in Business or as Top Executive in an organization a strong 10th House is prerequisite. Career in Service Roles, as Doctors or Social work is governed by the 6th House. 7th House governs Contracts, Business Partnership and Negotiations. 3rd House governs Communication, Public Relationship, Meetings and Media. 5th house governs Politics, Entertainment,  and Theater. 8th House governs Taxes and Money Bonds. 2nd House governs Speech and Gold. 4th House governs Agriculture, Cattle Rearing and Transport. 11th House governs Quick Gains and Share Markets. 12th House governs Monasteries (Ashrams), Universities, Jails, Bedroom Pleasures. Depending on the strength of the house and the planetary lord of the house the precise career can be deciphered. Planetary combinations also can be used to decipher the career of an individual. Mars+Mercury makes for an excellent Engineer especially Hardware or Software Engineer. Saturn+Mercury can make for a good Chartered Accountant. Moon+Venus is the best for Entertainment business, Jewelry Design or Cosmetics. Jupiter+Moon is ideal for setting up your own Business, Share Markets or Teaching. Sun can make an excellent Administrator or Farmer. 

     All said and done stability in career depends on lot of other factors. It is rarely noticed that a person stays in the same career for his whole life. A Saturn Saade-Saati or a bad Vimshottri Dasha is enough to put you out of job or business. Sometimes destiny could instigate a person to pursue change in occupation. Sometimes they may work in your favor while other times they may prove a catastrophe. Ultimately it is destiny of an individual which would drive him. So take pleasure in life's work be it as a boss of a company or ordinary clerk in a company. 


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