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Predicting Career

     Astrology cannot control Prarabdha and unfortunately Career is governed by Prarabdha or Fate as many call it. So astrologers cannot get it 100% right in matters of Career. But they can suggest likely career paths according to your horoscope which may lead to good income, progress and happiness in life. The previous article on Career discussed leadership and service roles and various combinations and associated jobs. A more precise way to judge your career would be to look at Amatyakaraka also known as Ajeevi Karaka. Ajeevi is sanskrit term for profession which earns a person his bread and butter and Karaka is significator. The planet located at the highest degree in a given sign in horoscope is called Atmakaraka which represents the souls desire. The planet who has travelled second highest journey in a sign is called Ajeevi Karaka. It would define your Karma by which you would be known, earn income and get respect from others. 

Sun as Ajeevi karaka

     When you have Sun as Ajeevi karaka then leadership roles in big companies and firms, politics, management roles, diplomacy roles and similar leadership roles are suggested. Sun as Ajeevi Karaka can also make for an excellent farmer especially production of grains.

Moon as Ajeevi Karaka

     Moon as Ajeevi Karaka shows career as businessman, import-export of various products, purchasing, processing and selling of oil, water and other liquid substances. Moon can also make an excellent farmer especially for production of fruits and vegetables. Also possible are counselor and helping roles

Mars as Ajeevi Karaka

     Mars as Ajeevi Karaka can make a fine actor, army man or even a daredevil. Mars can make for an excellent surgeon or doctor. Mars can also work in disaster management roles like fire fighting, search and rescue operation or project management where time is of essence. They can work in any environment where fast thinking and actions are needed.

Mercury as Ajeevi Karaka

     Mercury makes an excellent analyst, a marketing executive, a chartered accountant or a mathematician. Mercury has good convincing power and can sell anything from clothing and accessories to electronics and goods. Mercury is good with communication and roles in diplomacy, sales, communication and marketing department, human resource and any role where communication is of pivotal importance is great when Mercury is Ajeevi Karaka.

Jupiter as Ajeevi Karaka

     Jupiter as Ajeevi Karaka provides an excellent career as a university lecturer, a researcher, a novelist, an astrologer, a priest, government roles, an enlightened soul, diplomatic relationships, a psychiatrist, a counselor and similar helping roles. Where there is knowledge required to get things done is where Jupiter excels the best.

Venus as Ajeevi Karaka

     Venus makes an excellent fashion designer or jewelry designer, a model, an actress if it is a female, a person who sells perfumes and fashion products, a seller of luxurious and exotic items. Venus also make for a good novelist of erotic novels or writer in fashion magazines. Venus can also open business in cosmetic products, open up a sweet factory and a clothing shop which sells latest brand products.

Saturn as Ajeevi Karaka

     Saturn drives a person to do several business without settling in one. Although Saturn specialises in helping the poor and less privileged. oil import-export is also possible if Saturn is Ajeevi Karaka. engineering and technical knowledge are also Saturn's Portfolio. Saturn as Ajeevi Karaka also gives excellent career in judiciary, engineering, software, hardware, networking or house contractors. Saturn would make an excellent politician as long as native focuses on the less privileged class of people.

Rahu as Ajeevi Karaka

     Rahu as Ajeevi Karaka drives the business of exotic and forbidden items. Can make an excellent politician. foreign language expert and translation jobs. Rahu also drives forbidden and unlawful activities like black mailing, selling arms and drugs and other such illegal jobs. Rahu in some cases can also make an actor though other planets should be strong for becoming actor with help of Rahu.

Ketu as Ajeevi Karaka

     Ketu is a recluse and can provide good opportunities in spiritual and religious roles. Ketu as Ajeevi Karaka also produces good doctors and research scholars. Ketu could also drive person to do mercenary work.

Deciphering Career Via Ajeevi Karaka

     Career is easy to decipher if one knows his Ajeevi Karaka. Ajeevi Karaka planet along with lord of the sign occupied by Ajeevi karaka, co-tenants and aspects would point you to a career or several careers where you would earn your means of income.

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