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Ugly Ducking

  Most readers are aware of the story of Ugly Duckling. For those who are not aware here is a wonderful cartoon by Walt Disnep on it: The Ugly Duckling. When you try to be a Swan with the Ducks you ought to fail. Coal is considered "Black Diamond" but that applies only for a person who knows its worth. For others it is just some black stone. Similarly there are people born with immense talent but that talent is wasted if there is not a congenial environment for their talent to grow. In such an atmosphere it is imperative to try their luck in other more favorable places. Vedic Astrology isn't just the tool to forecast which career would work for native but it can also be used to check the exact place where the fortune gods may smile on the native.

Big B Horoscopes

Big B: Allahabad To Mumbai

  Shree Amitabh Bachchan is regarded as one of the finest actor to grace Indian Cinemas. One look at his horoscope and most astrologers would pour cold water on it. So many planets in 8th house and the bhagya karaka(fortune significator) Jupiter in 6th house isn't a healthy sign. True it would provide Vipreeta Raja Yoga but that only fructifies after about 42-48 years of life have passed. But Shree Bachchan was a huge star at around 30 years of age when movie Zanjeer came out and that was in 1973. But that is fault of Astrologers to look at his Allahabad based horoscope. Once he went to Mumbai his ascendant changed and so did his fortune.

  Shree Bachchan's mumbai based horoscope has Mercury+Sun+Venus+Mars in 9th house giving him Budh-Aditya Yoga, Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, Bhadra Yoga due to it. Moving to Mumbai ensured that Jupiter comes out of the 6th house and is placed in 7th house and gives Hansa Yoga which is one of the Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. Shani from birth-time placement of 4th house enters the 5th house which is the house of Politics and Entertainment. Shani Mahadasha ran from 1971 to 1990 and that is the time Mr. Bachchan become a legend par excellence. But when he went back to Uttar Pradesh to try his luck in Politics he miserably failed.

Can't fool Fate

  Shree Bachchan's Allahabad based horoscope suggested troubles via Income Tax Raids, Debts, Troubles via King of land and bad health. Obviously he had lots of troubles due to Income Tax Raids, got to see wrath of Nehru Family who were virtually King of the Land at that time and also his health suffered and had to undergo a few surgeries. So fate bared its fangs and even someone as great as Shree Bachchan could not escape it. So never try to fool fate. Sthana Parivartana (Relocation) should only be done to improve luck, not to change likely fate.


  There are times when a native needs to try his luck in foreign countries as his expertise is not much worth in his birthplace. It wouldn't be a bad idea to visit an astrologer and check if the new place would provide the happiness and luck he/she needs. Astrologer should also try to use the new place as reference point to calculate horoscope instead of birth place and time. This would ensure less errors in judgement. But it should only be done to improve life of native and others around him. If this relocation gig is done to escape fate then it would fail by all means.


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