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What is Saraswati Yoga? How is it formed?

Saraswati Yoga is formed when Guru occupies uccha rashi (Karka) or own signs (Dhana or Meena Rashi) in Vishnu Sthanas. It is also known as Hamsa Yoga or Hansa Yoga. Simply put it if Guru occupies 1st house, 4th house, 7th house or 10th house and is located in Karka Rashi, Dhana Rashi or Meena Rashi then there is Saraswati Yoga in horoscope. Hansa or Hamsa is the sanskrit term for swan. It is one of the Panch Mahapurusha yoga.

Examples of Saraswati Yoga

Results of Hansa Yoga

One born in Hansa Yoga is fair complexioned and has a beautiful personality. Overall the looks of the native are quite attractive and his personality is magnetic. Native posseses in-depth knowledge and wisdom irrelevant of the education level. Guru is a natural benefic and tends to be calm and righteous. Saraswati Yoga native is likely to live an honest, religious and peaceful life. He is ready to offer help and support to the needy. Guru is the karaka for elderly and wisdom among others. In accordance it has been observed that Saraswati Yoga natives lead a good life during old age. They are praised by all and friendly with most people. Even the ruler of the land may take notice of individual if there is no affliction. 

     Saraswati Yoga natives are learned, happy and blessed with good health. They live a peaceful life and rarely ever cause trouble for others. They have good sets of friends and decent amount of followers. Also they have the ability to give sound advice and impartial judgements to others which is why they are very much liked. There shouldn't be any affliction via placement or aspect with Saraswati Yoga otherwise the results of this yoga may change.

Uccha is not always Good

But the picture is not always rosy. Any graha in an exaltion sign or uccha rashi is sure to give problems in personal life no matter how successful the public life seems. Guru in Karka Rashi can give unprecendented wisdom, knowledge and happiness but many a times marital life suffers due to placement of Guru in karka rashi. Uccha Rashi doesn't mean higher placement but rather higher mandate for the native.

Some people are born to be guiding light but for that they got to burn in their personal lives. Natives with Saraswati Yoga are one such individuals.


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