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Vijayadashami: Good Vs Evil

   Festival of Vijayadashami is celebrated across the length and breadth of India and Nepal as the day when the righteous and good Ram won over the wicked and evil Ravan. Ramayana the biography of Ram is not only popular in India and Nepal but parts of Indonesia, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand and a few other countries as well.

   Both Ram and Ravan shared some similarities in life. Both were born in state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Both were born in great family lineage with Ram being born in Raghu and Harischandra's lineage while Ravan belonged to Pulastya's lineage. Both had extra-ordinarily good looking and virtuous wife with Ram being married to Sita while Ravan being married to Mandodari. Both were devotees of Lord Shiva.

Ram And Ravan: Horoscopes


   There are a couple of horoscopes floating for Ravan on internet. This horoscope of Ravan is based on information provided in a popular newspaper daily. There are a multiple horoscopes for Ram as well. But according to Ramayan the above provided horoscope is of Lord Rama and there is validity to it based on way his life shaped up.

   Based on information available in Ramayan and from other sources in the public domain an astrological analysis has been done to shed light on choices of both Ram and Ravan.

Physical and Mental Traits

   For Ravan: The 1st House for Ravan had Saturn+Moon in the Libra Sign. That does Visha Yoga of the highest kind being in Ascendant. Ravan was a spiteful man, full of hatred, had arrogance of highest order but he was brilliant nonetheless. He achieved everything through his own efforts which is a typical trait of Visha Yoga natives. The means may have been illegal in his case but no one can deny he was a self-made man. The aspect of Sun on 1st House made him arrogant and power hungry.

   For Ram: Ram had kind Jupiter and caring Moon in 1st House which formed the Gaja-Kesari Yoga. He was caring, kind and considerate towards everyone. He also set the standards for highest decorum that a man can follow. Due to aspect of Saturn on ascendant he maintained exemplary calm even in face of great adversities. But at the same time he was ruthless to mischief makers due to Mars aspect on Ascendant. He vanquished all the demons in Dandakaranya Forests during the first ten years of his exile.

Knowledge and Spirituality

   For Ravan: Ravan's had exalted Saturn which is lord of 4th House in the 1st House. That made him possess an above average intelligence and also possess extra-ordinary knowledge of literature's. Not to mention Jupiter's aspect from 10th House on 4th House of Basic Education aided his quest for good education. Saturn also happens to be lord of 5th House which is the house of knowledge. In his youth, Ravana composed various books on Astrology, Vastu Shastra and is credited with rhyming of Vedas. Even Ram acknowledged of Ravan's knowledge. 9th House deals with Spirituality. There are no aspects or placements on 9th House but Lord of 9th House which is Mercury is placed in 6th House of Service. Ravan's devotion and servitude towards Shiva is well-known and to this date his composition Shiva Tandav Stotra is sung by commoners.

   For Ram: Ram had Saturn in exaltion in the 4th House. Basic education of Rama was on technical side and there is no evidence to suggest that he was well-versed as Ravan in Vedas or Literature's. But having said that Ram possessed knowledge of advanced weaponry and was capable of dealing with enemies who possessed illusionary powers. 5th House had aspect of Jupiter which made Ram possess sound wisdom. 9th House had exalted Venus and debilitated Mercury with aspect of Jupiter. 9th House rules over Spirituality and Forefathers. Ram was proud of his ancestry and made two hard choices in his life to protect the image of his forefathers. Mercury in 9th House makes a native accept stubborn traditions and customs while Jupiter aspect mandates protection of Dharma(Righteousness) even at cost of personal loss.

Relationship Equation

   For Ravan: Ravan was proud and arrogant. His relationship with his wife was filled with frictions albeit his wife was virtuous and gave him sound advise but Ravan never listened. 4th House is looked for mother. Kekasi who was Ravan's mother was ambitious, over-bearing and planted hatred in him. Mother's school of thought was imparted into Ravan as lord of 4th House(Saturn) was placed in 1st House. Ravan's father was a righteous and pious brahmin who gave him knowledge of Vedas but due to aspect of Mars and lord of 10th House Moon placed in Ascendant with over-bearing Saturn he mostly discarded his father's advise. Ravan's 3rd house lord was exalted in 10th House but the complicated 6/8 angle between 3rd House and 10th House made for some difference of opinions with siblings. Also there was an aspect of Saturn which made Vibhisana deflect and aid Ram to protect Dharma. His younger sister Surpanakha filled his ears with hatred for Ram and lust for Sita that ultimately brought his demise. Ravan's two sons especially Indrajeet was strong and like his brothers aided him in expanding his empire.

   For Ram: Ram was the ideal husband, ideal king/prince, ideal son and ideal brother. Yet placements of planets created havoc in his life. He had to separate from his wife not once but twice due to Mars in 7th House and lord of 7th House Saturn placed in 4th House. The aspect of Jupiter on Marriage House showed Ram marital bliss for some ten years but overall Mars and Saturn ensured he derived little or no happiness in wedlock even though he loved his wife with all his heart and his wife loved him equally. The 3rd House lord Mercury for Ram was placed in 9th House with aspect of Jupiter and placement of exalted Venus. That ensured he had brothers who stood by him like rock through his adversities. Ram derived lot of happiness from his mothers during childhood but when time came his most beloved mother Kaikeyi was the one that asked for him to go into exile. The placement of Saturn, aspect of Sun and the complicated Saturn-Sun relationship ensured that he had to endure hardships of forests via Mother. His sons Luv and Kush were brilliant and carried the glorious Raghu Dynasty forward by building new cities.

Similarities between Ram and Ravan

   Ram and Ravan both had Panch-Mahapursha Yoga which are five planets in exaltion. Both had Neecha-Bhanga Raj Yoga of Mercury. Both were born in great dynasty due to a strong Sun for Ram and strong Jupiter for Ravan in 10th House. Both had troubles due to mother as Ram had Saturn and Ravan had Mars in 4th House.

What Separated Them

   It is well known fact that Ravan was quite lustful and was even known for going after married or celibate(sanyasini) women. He had earned quite a few curse through his lustful endeavours. The complicated Venus+Mercury in 6th House made him addicted to sex and other finer things. Lanka as described in Ramayana was a place where alcohol and gambling were rampant. The aspect of Venus on 12th House made Ravan enjoy bedroom pleasures to the fullest. Also Visha Yoga in Ascendant made him hateful, arrogant and oblivious to logic. His arrogance and his lust for other women ultimately brought about his downfall

   Ram on other hand had Jupiter+Moon in Ascendant. He was able to differentiate between right and wrong. Aspect of Mars did make him angry but Jupiter and Moon all but ensured he maintained calm and composure in face of great adversity. He practised monogamy and righteousness which was due to blessings of Jupiter and aspect of Saturn.

Vijayadashami, Planets and Choices

   Ram and Ravan had quite a few similarities in their horoscope's. The only difference was Ram had Gaja-Kesari Yoga while Ravan had Visha Yoga. That would not have made much difference either cause Ravan was blessed with extra-ordinary intelligence and become a great king by blessing of Shiva. But he let the bad traits of Visha Yoga like arrogance, anger and hatred take over his rational. 6th House placement of Venus and Mercury blessed Ravan with great musical skills. He was a notable Veena Player but he let the bad qualities of Venus in 6th House like lust and promiscuous attitude take control of his senses.

   Ram on other hand had a life full of misery and hardships. Yet he chose the mandate of protecting Dharma when he could have lived a merry life in Forests or in Palaces. No one compelled him to go to Forests. It was his own choice. But he did it to set an example for others. That is what made him a legend for generations to come. Planets could only bring misery in his life but could not prevent Ram from being prayed and adored for generations to come. 


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