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     There was an article some six months back named Tall Hillary To Climb. In that article there was an argument and hypothesis which suggested Ms. Hillary Clinton would find it very difficult to win the 2016 Presidential Race. As it so happened Mr. Trump won the elections and the articles prediction came true. Astrology is a predictive subject based on Mathematical Concepts like probability and arithmetic. It cannot ever be hundred percent right. Just like there are Variants in Maths there is Purushartha in Astrology which makes all predictions go wrong. But leaving those few scenario's aside majority of time Astrology can predict likely outcome as long as arithmetic part is concrete and flawless. 

     Now that results are out and even recounting shows loss there is the blame game from Ms. Clinton's side of Russian interference, Media not helping her although all media seemed to have rallied behind her, Obama's Policy as well blame on other countless factors. She would never imagine the fault lies in her own horoscope. Ms. Clinton was born with Sun in Libra Sign. Libra Sign is the debilitation sign for Sun. Sun represents Leadership Role, Administration, Ambition, Enterprising Nature and Confidence. If Sun is weak you can never grow as a leader. If Sun is strong you are likely to be head of an office, a department, a state or even a country. Although it needs to be stressed that Ms. Clinton was able to become the Secretary Of State by the same debilitated Sun. In her case it caused the Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) which made her fortunes turn. She was given authority and prestige by the same debilitated Sun. Yet she also received criticism due to it. 

    Trouble with debilitated planets is they never leave their debilitated state. From time to time they show the person his/her limitations and even if the NBRY occurs it never really gives same results as a exalted planets do.Not just Ms. Clinton but the greatest leader ever to be born in modern India also suffered from curse of debilitated Sun. Sardar Patel simply known as Sardar(Leader) or Iron Man Of India had to give up his nomination for Prime Minister's post even though whole of India and his party members wanted him to be nominated. The Iron Man who unified India and even today rules the hearts and minds of Indians lost to a single planet. Even Advani Ji the person who became the Deputy Prime Minister lost to debilitated Sun. In all these cases the concerned person had to settle for second best position.

     There are countless examples which show that debilitated Sun is a curse to have. So those born between certain parts of October and November are likely to have this debilitated Sun. They would need to work very hard to gain leadership skills and unless other planets in horoscope help they would most likely have to settle for second best. We would leave debilitation of other planets for some other time. 


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