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     A lot has been written about the Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi. He is an icon for his followers. His haters find him dictatorial. Political Analysis is not in the scope of this website. This website is limited to doing Astrological Analysis. Mr. Modi by all means is a great orator, one who likes to take action without worrying much about consequences and is known to respond back to political jibes. 

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     Very few people would know that both Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Narendra Modi share the same Moon Sign and that is Scorpio Sign. A typical trait among those with Moon in Scorpio Sign is that they can never get to the point and like to talk round and round. They are weak at mind and somewhat malicious. Mr. Modi though sometimes vicious to opponents does not show any weakness of mind. Also Mr. Modi has a habit of going roundabout while talking but finally hits hard at the point. This is primarily due to having Moon with Mars. While Moon is indeed debilitated in Scorpio Sign the Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) occurs in his horoscope as debilitated Moon is co-tenant with Mars which is in his own sign. This in turn gives him a direct and aggressive speech and demeanor. NBRY occuring in horoscope also granted him the title of a king. Not to mention he has Saturn in Tenth House which is the house of Career. Tenth House has Leo Sign which deals with administration and management. Jupiter aspects and blesses the Career House. So career in administration was likely for Modi at some point in life. 

     NBRY is a yoga which shows the Neecha Traits(debilitated traits) first. There is humiliation, mockery, poverty and helplessness in life. Mr. Modi was a Chai Wallah(tea seller). He sold tea with his father to make a living. His mother used to clean utensils of others to make ends meet. Mr. Modi himself was a Saadhu(Ascetic) for many years of his youth. He has said he used to wash his own clothes, eat whatever was given and travel with a small suitcase. This was the time when the Neecha Traits were more. Then came the Bhanga(breaking) of Neecha State. Thus he became the CM of Gujarat as Neecha Bhanga occured. Trouble with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga(NBRY) is the Neecha Traits never fully leave. From time to time you are made aware of your limitations. Mr. Modi may have become CM Of Gujarat but he received nothing but bad press during his tenure as CM. He had to go through a vicious campaign out to vilify him the likes of which  has not been seen in Modern India. This was all partly due to Neecha Bhanga and also due to Rahu in Fifth House in enemy Jupiter's Sign. But as they say: "Steel cannot be forged without passing through the test of fire". Mr. Modi become what he is today via those difficulties and bad press.

    Mr. Modi is a known devotee of Goddess Amba. Again this works to his advantage. Bhagwad Gita Chapter Seven Verse Twenty One and Twenty Two make it amply clear that Supreme Conscious(GOD) grants the wishes and enables traits of one who is worshipped in the devotee. Primarily Mars is associated with strength and vigor. Amba the fiery goddess is known to provide strength, stamina, vigor and vitality. She is Adishakti or one with limitless energy. One of the finest traits of Mr. Modi is his unlimited energy and workaholic lifestyle. 

     Mr. Modi is one of the best case studies for NBRY. He has seen poverty, humiliation and helplessness as well as authority, popularity and riches. He has nothing left to prove to the World. Mr. Modi is a great astrological case study to show that even a tea seller can become the Prime Minister of the largest democracy provided stars favor such scenario. Not only that Mr. Modi has also shown that Purushartha finally comes back as Prarabdha provided native works hard and has convictions in his/her beliefs.


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