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     Everyone today is talking about Yogi Adityanath. He has become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh which is the largest state of India. He is probably one of the few politicians in India who is not afraid of being tagged a hardline Hindu. His fiery speeches and hardcore image are a result of being born in Leo Ascendant in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. Purva Phalguni is the nakshatra of showman and entertainers. Yogi is not the one to shy away from mikes, cameras or rallies. Mars aspects the Second House which rules over speech and so his speeches are clear, direct and to the point. 

Note: Ascendant Nakshatra could also be Uttara Phalguni specifically looking at his facial features. But as he commands media attention in political environment it is assumed that he is born in Ascendant with Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. Also his mercurial rise and popularity are only possible in Purva Phalguni though it cannot be confirmed as of now as his time of birth is not yet available. 

adityanath horoscope
adityanath horoscope

      Jupiter is in the Fifth House in his own sign. So he enjoys overwhelming popularity. Fifth House also rules over Politics and Entertainment. Yogi Adityanath is a politician who rules over hearts and minds of people. He has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. That is due to aspect of Mercury(Analysis) and Saturn(Calculative Work). Yogi has Rahu in the Sixth House which makes quite a few enemies. Rahu is the significator of everything smokey and mysterious, illusions and foreigners. Most of his enemies are from Ideologies like Leftists and Islamists who are experts in camaflouge and are foreign to the native Hindu Culture driven by Karma and Dharma. Ofcourse he makes quite a few enemies among his own party due to his actions and behavior which is due to aspect of Mars on Sixth House of enemies.

      Yogi Adityanath never married. That is cause Saturn aspects the Seventh House which looks after Marriage and Moon is placed there. Marriage even if it had happened would have been late but in his case the aspect of Saturn and Rahu as well as placement on Ketu on Twelfth House of Physical Intimacy all but ensured that he stayed away from marriage and accepted the life of an ascetic. Ofcourse he is no ascetic in real sense. He is a Politician and the youngest Minister of Parliament at the age of twenty-six. He has been elected for five consecutive times which is an extraordinary feat in itself. Tenth House rules over Career. There is Mercury with Sun and Saturn. Sun in Tenth House makes him an able administrator but an authoritarian nonetheless while Saturn likes to offer services for betterment of others. Mercury is talkative but also calculative. Yogi Adityanath has shown that he likes to get the work done and is not afraid of showing his authority(Sun) if the need arises to address public grievance and serve(Saturn) people of his state. 

     There are quite a few criminal cases against him. He is definitely not Mr. Nice Guy as Rahu aspects the Career House and that makes him a Politician who would bend ways to get job done. Twelth House which also signifies Prison has Ketu in it along with Rahu+Saturn aspect so chances of some jail time are not ruled out. There are many courts cases on him and regular visits to courts are due to Saturn aspect on the Seventh House. 

     Yogi Aditynanath is born to be a Politician. He would enjoy overwhelming popularity for next few years. But around 2020 he would start to feel the heat as Sade-Sati would start by then. There can be legal cases or political turmoil on the card during those periods. Ofcourse with his horoscope strength a role in the center or as head of the country is definitely not ruled out. His Sade-Sati phase and his actions during that period would shape up his future political ambitions. As his time of birth is not available some key factors like Navamsha and Vimshottari Dasha cannot be analyzed but whatever happens the upcoming period from 2020 would make or break the career of Yogi. Saturn is all about testing the character and resolve of a person and if one passes the Saturn Test then everlasting fame, famed leadership and immortality are shown to them. 

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