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     Kemdruma Yoga is said to be a yoga which gives poverty according to tradition astrological texts. Well most astrologers would give blame to Kemdruma Yoga if a person isn't well-settled in his life. Ofcourse Kemdruma Yoga is responsible for making a person recluse as well making the mind indecisive. But its totally absurd to say poverty and misery in life of a native arises due to Kemdruma Yoga. 

lord krishna's horoscope north style
lord krishna's horoscope south style

     This is the horoscope chart of Lord Krishna. He is said to have lived in a Golden Palace. Modern day excavations near the Gulf Of Khambhat in Gujarat point to a submerged city of Dwarka where Shree Krishna is said to have lived. They do show of a glorious empire which got submerged due to Tsunami. Most ancient text mention that Lord Krishna's Dwarka had riches and splendor beyond other kingdom's of those time. Lord Krishna was born with a Kemdruma Yoga. According to various texts he often preferred solitude of cattle and forest in his young days playing melodious tunes with his flute. Even when married to many wives it is said that he liked to sleep and relax alone on a hammock(Jhula). Bhagwad Gita is a testament to Lord Krishna's yearnings for reclusiveness while still staying in mortal world. So Kemdruma Yoga affected even Lord Krishna. Yet it did not drive him poor.

     The richest man for a very long time has been Bill Gates. Even he has Kemdruma Yoga in his horoscope. It is said that he is into gadgets and ideas more. Some of his traits are related to Kemdruma Yoga but he definitely is not poor. Micheal Jackson also had Kemdruma Yoga in his horoscope. He had a whole ranch and made a lot of money. He was known as King Of Pop.

     Bottomline is its not fault of Kemdruma Yoga if you see poverty or misery in life. Yes its absolutely true that Moon without support makes a person indecisive and a recluse who hates socializing. Moon and Mercury are two planets whose portfolios produce better outcomes when other planets aspect or are co-tenants. Its absolutely true that if Kemdruma Yoga is present and if there is no aspect on Moon then native would be indecisive and unable to make up his mind. But it won't be the reason for native suffering from poverty.

     When there is Kemdruma Yoga in a horoscope and if there are no aspects on Moon then it is a good idea to pray to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the God who removed curse placed on Moon by Prajapati Daksha by putting Moon on his forehead. The name of Shiva especially the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAAY when spoken in a humming tone has magical effect on the mind and body which can remove all negativity and ill-feelings. Even the OM word alone with humming effect is enough to help the mind achieve stability and calmness.

     Next time if an astrologer says you have poverty due to Kemdruma Yoga then don't believe him/her. Kemdruma Yoga makes you indecisive and recluse but poverty isn't its portfolio. And if you ever want to strengthen Moon then don't ever try Havans and Poojas for it. When Moon was cursed by Prajapati Daksha he went into the solace of Lord Shiva. When the planet Moon himself goes at abode of Lord Shiva then it is wise for native who suffers from weak Moon to try and seek Lord Shiva's blessing to calm down ill-effects of bad Moon and Kemdruma Yoga in a horoscope. And yes Lord Krishna also used to daily get up at 4 am in the morning and pray to Lord Shiva. It is mentioned in the Bhagwad Purana. Do what the Supreme God(Lord Krishna) and Planet Moon themselves did if you wish to recover from bad effects of bad Moon or Kemdruma Yoga in horoscope.


Some of the examples for kemdruma yoga are via help of Astrologer Kapiel Raaj's video on Kemdruma Yoga. Kindly follow his YouTube Channel if you wish more information:

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