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     The article on Visha Yoga is one of the more popular articles on this website. But a few horoscope samples are needed to understand what Visha Yoga is and how it affects the natives. Visha Yoga occurs in a horoscope when Saturn and Moon combine in the same horoscope sign. If they happen to be in same sign and nakshatra then all hell breaks loose. Trouble is Visha Yoga happens once every twenty-seven days and moon stays in a sign for around two and half days. So about 9.25% of total population suffers from this cursed yoga. 

     The troublesome part for those born with Visha Yoga have to deal with poverty, misery, pain, failures and dejections for all or most part of their life. The only differences is some choose to help others get out of poverty, misery and troubles while others choose to give poverty, pain and misery to others. Lets look at a few famous personalities who had Visha Yoga. 

Swami Vivekananda

If you are an Indian you probably know Swami Vivekananda as a great sage and visionary. His speech at Parliament of World Religions won him accolades and followers not just in India but around the world. Vivekananda used to do penance at Kanya Kumari, Kerela for many hours without interuptions.There is a rock dedicated to him in Kanya Kumari which is known as Vivekananda Rock Memorial. In short he used to give pain to his body. He also had connections with Ramakrishna Mission which dealt with poor and under-privelaged sections of the society. For a person who died at the young age of thirty nine he sure achieved phenomenal success. But he decided to help humanity and he decided to suffer for the benefit of humanity.

Mother Teresa

A lot of views both negative and positive are associated with Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa had been assigned the difficult task to serve the under-privelaged, diseased and poverty ridden people of West Bengal by the Vatican. According to many reports and testaments she didn't like the use of sedatives and pain-killers. She seemed to think of pain and disease as God's way of testing the diseased patients. Ultimately she would be known as a saint by few while others might not quite agree with it. But bottomline is she had to deal with poverty and her dislike for use of sedatives and pain-killers means she didn't mind inflicting pain and misery on those who came to her foundation for help. 

Jimmy Carter

Even the most powerful man on this planet cannot escape the effects of Visha Yoga. When Jimmy Carter was the President Of USA there was recession, oil crisis, hostage crisis in Iran as well other miseries which prevented him from doing his job properly. He might have won a Nobel Prize for Peace but his Presidential terms was nothing like that of his other counterparts. Visha Yoga ensured he had to deal with poverty via recession and oil crisis, misery due to political problems. He also had to see physical pain as he had to undergo chemeotherapy to cure himself of Cancer. All in all Mr. Carter got to be the most powerful man on earth and yet had to deal with poverty, misery and pain due to Visha Yoga. 

Sai Baba

There is no proof of Sai Baba's birthday but a few people note Sai Baba had Visha Yoga in 12th House in Libra Sign. It makes a lot of sense cause all his life he had to help the poor, diseased and those in pain. Ultimately he is prayed in India as a God. Maybe he is a great soul and a saint sent by God to help those who were poor and suffering. But its more then possible that he was born with Visha Yoga. Atleast his life and his teachings do provide validation to this theory. 

Sharad Pawar

One of the greatest politician in India. He had been elected for a record number of times in India Parliament. He has been Chief Minister, President of International Cricket Council as well held various ministerial posts in Central Government. All his life he had to deal with the poor and underprivelaged farmers of his constituencey. Again many might not be so sure if he was honest while holding position of influence. But bottomline is Visha Yoga in his horoscope all but ensured he had to deal with poverty and misery. Fact that he was Agriculture Minister when many farmers committed suicide in Maharastra gives validation to theory that Visha Yoga natives can also heap poverty, misery and pain on others. 


As noted from the above personalities. Its evident that Visha Yoga gives poverty, misery and pain to the native. Important point is for the native to learn from it. Afterwards they may help or be hindrance to the society. Their actions would be cause of them becoming immortal or be a cause of harm to others. Visha Yoga would do its work and make you deal with poverty, misery and pain. But its your own choice whether you want to help others get out of poverty, misery and pain or whether you choose to give poverty, misery and pain to others.

Kindly Note 

This website is not interested in creating any type of controversies. And its not our job to judge people and their actions. Our job as astrologers is limited to writing about what astrology and yogas associated with it can do to a native. If anyone feelings are hurt then we humbly apologize and ask for forgiveness.


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