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     Last article titled: Broken Hearts Via Astrology was about how heartbreaks are imminent if Venus is in bad condition in a horoscope. This article is all about the devastating effects of having Venus with Mars. Salman Khan is a superstar in Bollywood. Those who follow bollywood know that he is currently the most bankable star in bollywood. 

     You could make a movie where there is no storyline but Salman Khan showing his chiseled body, beating villians and dancing. That would still rake in a 100 million at box-office going by the popularity of the star. Astrologers would have already written how Mars exalted in Tenth House for Salman Khan gives him unparallel success and fan-following.  But not many would have noticed the flip side of his life. Salman Khan has the cursed Visha Yoga and he has taken up various charity works for poverty stricken people through his organisation: Being Human. This same Visha Yoga also gives him heartbreaks from time to time via his love life. 

     So why is that Salman Khan is an eternal bachelor? From Ms. Sangeeta Bijlani to Ms. Aishwariya Rai to Ms. Katrina Kaif and countless others have come in his life but he is yet to take marriage vows. Salman Khan maybe a superstar but he is powerless against stars of the universe. Salman Khan is born with Mars+Venus in his horoscope. They happen to be First House and Seventh House lord. First House represents self while Seventh House represents the marriage partner. If Salman Khan ever does marry that would be by his own wish and choice and not an arranged marriage. 

     Fact that he is still not married even after so many love affairs shows the sad reality of having Mars+Venus in a horoscope. Venus is romance, passion and love. Mars is vigor, aggression and lust. They are like gasoline and fire. They would burn and cause irrepairable destruction. But there are very few horoscopes where Mars+Venus actually allow lifetime of togetherness. Salman Khan for all his stardom and all his good side is still a jilted lover who sees heartbreaks in each and every relationships. That's cause Mars+Venus in horoscope means that Salman Khan is driven by aggressive romance and lustful passion rather then gentle love and caring emotions which are cornerstones for a successful relationships. Visha Yoga in his horoscope ensures he has heartbreaks, rejection and dejection from time to time. Even if Salman Khan had married, Ketu in his Eight House would have ensured he saw divorce and separation from his marriage partner. 

     The stars of our solar system are far more stronger than any superstar on earth. Even the great Salman Khan with all his riches, popularity and influence cannot get away from his karma. His destiny may show him unparallel stardom but its also in his destiny to see love and later rejection and dejection.

     So those who have Mars+Venus in a horoscope be warned. By all likelihood your relationships are based on attraction rather then admiration. When time comes and it should, you would have to forgive, forget and compromise to make your relationship work. Otherwise no astrologer and no counselor on earth can save your relationship from sinking like The Titanic.


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