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     Hottest topic in India currently is Nirav Modi. He conned the banks and tax payers around 112 billion ₹ and ran away. Astrology isn't interested in financial frauds. Its only interest is prediction and likelihood of an event occuring. So question now is: Can astrology actually predict a conman? To an extent its possible. Web definition of a conman is: "A person who tricks someone after winning their trusts". Trusts is hard to gain especially in matters of finance but the conman is able to put an illusion around the innocent victim. Illusion ofcourse is Rahu's forte.

     Its not surprising that most conman have Rahu influencing the Second House. So why Rahu? And why the Second House? Cause Second House rules over finance, savings, banks, golds and monetary schemes. Rahu is smokey, mysterious yet quite alluring. In simple words he is a mirage in desert. So its only natural that Rahu influencing the Second House makes for an expert conman who loots innocent victims. What is general observation is most of those who have declared bankruptcy and inability to pay massive loans have Rahu's influence on Second House. 

     That includes the current most poweful man on earth called POTUS Donald Trump. For those who are not aware Mr. Trump has declared bankruptcy on quite a few occasions in his life. Mr. Trump has Rahu influencing the 2nd House. No matter what the current situation might look like and no matter how much Mr. Trump boast of US progress under him, astrology says he would be disastrous for US and its economy in the coming years. Its not Mr. Trump's fault. Its Rahu who is at work. 

Vijay Mallya Horoscope

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     In India two rich and influential people namely Mr. Vijay Mallya and Mr. Subrato Roy both have Rahu aspecting the Second House. Mr. Mallya was a liquor baron and known for his extravagant lavish parties, calender girls and interest in sports. Ofcourse he did all that on bank loans and ran away at an opportune time. Mr. Subrato Roy has been sentenced by the Supreme Court of India for financial fraud of around 240 billion ₹ that his company had failed to refund to investors. Its likely that Nirav Modi also has Rahu's influence in some way or other to fraud banks and tax payer of such a huge amount of money. 

     Its not the job of an astrological website to pass judgement on financial frauds. Astrology is only interested in predicting likelihood of an event occuring. Astrology and research has shown that any person who has Rahu in an influential position has all the ingredients to be a con-artist. 


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