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     An article was published some two years ago titled: Tall Hillary To Climb. The article accurately predicted that Mr. Donald J. Trump could very well be the President of the United States(POTUS). Some other predictions also came true of how he could spoil relations with international leaders and how he could be a headache for government employees working under him. On closer inspection of his horoscope and judging from the current transits of planets its safe to assume he could very well be the spark for the upcoming turmoil that the world might face.

Donald Trump Horoscope

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What makes Trump a bad boss?

     Mr. Trump has Sun+Rahu in his Tenth House which deals with career. Sun makes him stubborn, arrogant and abrasive. Sun along with Rahu makes him unable to empathize with his employees nor does it allow him to listen to rational or logic. Since his taking over at Oval Office there has been a record number of people who have been fired, resigned or left White House.

Trump's illegal dealings

     Rahu loves to do illegal and unethical things. Rahu is placed in Career House for Mr. Trump and aspects both his Second House of Savings and Sixth House of Debts. Mr. Trump has earned as well as lost a lot of money due to his shady dealings. He has a few serious charges like tax evasion, sleeping with adult movie stars and getting his lawyer to hide information about him during the time of elections.

Reason Trump sees failures and disappointments

     Mr. Trump has the horrible Shrapit Yoga as well as Grahan Yoga. That is the reason he has seen divorce, bankruptcy, failures, humiliations and other disappointments several times in his life. To his credit he hasn't let failures and disappointments keep him down and he has achieved the top most position in his country via his own merit. That's due to Leo Sign in ascendant and the ambitious and hard-working Mars in ascendant as well. 

Sade-Sati shows Trump both power and limitations

     Mr. Trump has Sade-Sati running currently. He was elected POTUS when core phase of his Sade-Sati was running. Sade-Sati shows a person both power and limitations and is an excellent karma balancer. Mr. Trump had been quite critical of Mr. Barack Obama and Ms. Hillary Clinton in the past. He has time and again mocked people and made unncessary comments about personal life of others on Twitter. Today karma is paying back its due and Mr. Trump has to face criticism of some of the Americans and almost all of world community. Problem is Sun+Rahu in Tenth House and Leo Ascendant wouldn't allow him to mend ways and accept his shortcomings.

Things could go from bad to worse for Trump

     Trouble for Mr. Trump would escalate further by March 2019 with coming of Saturn+Ketu in his Fifth House which deals with politics, fame and intelligence. The worst phase for Mr. Trump's presidency could start around March 7th 2019 and last till January 22nd 2020. 

Financial Crisis Looming

     There could be turmoil in the US economy between March 2019 and January 2020 due to Saturn+Ketu coming together and it could impact the whole world. It might take around September 2020 to clean up the mess when Ketu moves out and Rahu stops aspecting the Sagittarius Sign. Mr. Trump it appears is destined to take the blame for it. By looks of his star configuration its unlikely that Mr. Trump would mend his ways till November 2019 atleast.

Are there any chances of impeachment?

     Some liberals wish to see Mr. Trump getting impeached but chances are quite less of that ever happening. There is a slight chance around January 2020 for Mr. Trump to lose power but Jupiter might just allow him to continue remaining as POTUS until November 2020. Afterwards though things don't look that bright for Mr. Trump.

Can Trump get re-elected in November 2020?

     Big question is can Mr. Trump get re-elected? 2020 elections would be much tougher for Mr. Trump compared to 2016 elections. There are more chances of Mr. Trump losing. Only way Mr. Trump could get re-elected in 2020 would be to wage another meaningless war with a foreign country and getting re-elected by invoking patriotic sentiments among the Americans.

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