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     Talking about Shrapit Yoga in a single article won't do this yoga any justice. Just like Pitru Dosha which was covered in three articles, Shrapit Yoga also needs multiple articles to understand its impact on people born with this cursed yoga. First and foremost there is a story which needs to be told. Its gives an understanding about how Shrapit Yoga is formed. 

     There is a famous story from Ramayan. King Dashrath was hunting in the forests. He noticed some movement behind the woods. He immediately shot his arrow in the direction where he saw movement. He thought he had killed a deer. But it was a human named Shravan who was killed by error in his judgement. Shravan was a kind boy who was carrying his old mother and father to pilgrimage sites. When Shravan's parents heard about death of their son they cursed Dashrath to be killed one day by separation from his son. It took more then twenty-seven years for karma to give its fruit and the curse to become reality. But finally it did send Lord Ram to forests for fourteen years and also killed King Dashrath who couldn't bear separation from his dear son Ram. Karma made Dashrath realize the wrong done by him to Shravan and his parents by separating him from his dear son and killing him in the process.

     So what is Shrapit Yoga? Shrapit means cursed in sanskrit. When Saturn and Rahu or Saturn and Ketu occupy the same horoscope sign then native is said to be born under Shrapit Yoga. Most astrologers just say that you have Shrapit Yoga and you need to perform this or that remedy. No astrologer ever says you have done something very wrong in past or one of the past lives. This life is meant to correct those wrong done by you. The pain given to others needs to be felt by you. That is the only way that karma would be balanced.

     Shrapit Yoga is the easiest indicator that you have harmed an innocent person or lots of innocent people. You have given great pain and enduced unbearable trauma on a noble soul/souls. That wrong cannot be undone now. That wrong would be corrected only after you feel the same pain and trauma felt by the one you have harmed. There is absolutely no escaping this scenario. Any astrologer who tells you that you can escape Shrapit Yoga without suffering consequences is only fooling you. 

      So what do those born with this cursed yoga do? Simple... Wait for karma to give you the bad fruits. It should definitely show you hell sooner or later. Life turns into a living nightmare. But that is the only way that karma is balanced. Some people whine and whine like little cry babies. Others who are resourceful and believe in karma try to help others, try to improve life of others around inspite of great hardships. Yes many of them get gloomy, get angered, feel depressed and feel suicidal. But they understand that the hell that is upon them is balancing their previous bad karmas. Most important of them all: They ensure that current bad scenario doesn't lead to future bad karma. They make a sustained effort to help others inspite of personal difficulties and start gathering good karma. 

     When bad karma does run out, the good karma done by them starts to give fruits. They see happiness, success and most important of them they see contentment  and satisfaction in life. If you believe in astrology then the most fundamental aspect to believe in is karma. Your karma never goes to waste. It would give you both good and bad fruits. You cannot escape it. In the next article we would discuss the impact of Shraapit Yoga on various horoscope houses. 


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