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Shrapit Yoga: The Nightmare

    Previous article gave information on how Shrapit Yoga is formed. Saturn+Rahu or Saturn+Ketu in same horoscope sign causes Shrapit Yoga. It can be safely assumed that life would be tough if you have Shrapit Yoga in your horoscope. In this article we would look at formation of Shrapit Yoga in Twelve Houses and its effects on those who are born with this cursed yoga.

Shrapit Yoga in First House

     First House or Ascendant is the house which is responsible for physical attributes and mental characteristics. Shrapit Yoga in Ascendant is likely to give physical and mental trauma. There are bound to be troubles with siblings and bad relations with neighbors. There could be troubles in marriage life and problems with children. Native finds it hard to focus on work and career progress is ruined by physical and mental problems. Business and business patnerships could create problems. Divorces and litigation are not ruled out.

Shrapit Yoga in Second House

     Second House rules family, savings, speech and gold investments. Shrapit Yoga in Second House is a sure shot indication of having family troubles. There are frictions with marriage partners as well as with parents. Divorces are not ruled out. Atmosphere at home remains tensed and there are also problems possible via friends and social circles. Not to mention there could be troubles getting regular income. Both family and savings are affected by formation of this cursed yoga in Second House.

Shrapit Yoga in Third House

     Third House rules siblings, neighbors as well as board room meetings. Shrapit Yoga in Third House is likely to cause fights with siblings for parental property. Travels are frequent, tiring and time consuming for work  or business related purpose. Relationship with neighbors could also turn bad. Not to mention native finds it hard to get his point across at workplace. There could be long distance travels for religious purpose. Some natives may need to settle abroad albeit its a difficult life on foreign lands.

Shrapit Yoga in Fourth House

     One of the very bad houses to have Shrapit Yoga. Fourth House rules happiness and home. Native finds it very difficult to balance work and family life. There is little or no happiness in life. There could be troubles and debts via buying or selling of property. Career and education both require hard work to succeed. There are also frictions possible with mother. Some cases even death of mother or father isn't ruled out.

Shrapit Yoga in Fifth House

     Fifth House rules popularity, romance and progeny. Shrapit Yoga in Fifth House could give failures in love life. On bright side there could be love marriage if Saturn has any connection to Seventh House. There is trouble conceiving child and child could be the cause of tensions and worries for native. Chances of negative publicity during bad times are a possible scenario. Child's health or some other trouble related to children could adversaly affect family life and savings.

Shrapit Yoga in Sixth House

     One of the hell houses known as Dushamsthanas. Sixth House rules debt, diseases and despair. Surprisingly though Shrapit Yoga causes little or no problems in Sixth House unless Saturn or Rahu/Ketu are in very bad condition. There can be victory over enemies as well as good income via sports and medicine. Only downfall is weak intestine otherwise its not a bad placement for this cursed yoga. In old age there are chances of long-term ailments and natives having bodily discomforts, pain and trauma due to it.

Shrapit Yoga in Seventh House

     Shrapit Yoga in Seventh House is the surest guarantee of having a troubled married life. Its like the heavens have decreed that native would suffer in marriage and learn the need for compassion and harmony. Surely there are physical and mental agony via a troubled married life. There is little or no happiness in life especially after getting married. Business partnership could bring legal troubles and bitter separation. Marriage maybe late or sometimes not even happen. This is one of the most difficult places for Shrapit Yoga to occur.

Shrapit Yoga in Eight House

     Shrapit Yoga in Eight House would make a native long-lived and happy. Life passes without much difficulties until there is old age. In old age problems do pop-up. Natives are many times bed-ridden with long and incurable disease. There can be frictions or separation from children with native having to rely on helpers and old-age homes. In short whole life has little or no troubles but old age sees a lot of pain, difficulties and trauma. In case there is court case then native could lose a lot of money. There are troubles from tax officials and native loses inheritance if there is a fight for it.

Shrapit Yoga in Ninth House

     Another house where Shrapit Yoga is less troublesome. Native does have troubles via long or short distance travels. If there is any connection with Eleventh House or Saturn is lord of Eleventh House then native has very good income. In some cases there are frictions possible with siblings. Employees often cause problems for natives and many times act as frenemies. Spirituality maybe less or religious beliefs maybe very rigid depending on astrological sign. 

Shrapit Yoga in Tenth House

     One of the worst places to have Shrapit Yoga is the Tenth House. Saturn in Tenth House influences career, home and marriage. Shrapit Yoga in Tenth House means Saturn along with Rahu influences career. Native has to work very hard to achieve anything monumental in life. Career reputation is minimum until middle ages. There is frequent job changes, bad bosses, fight with co-workers and subordinates as well as heavy workload. Atmosphere at home remains tensed due to Saturn's aspect. The work pressure affects the marriage life and there are frictions and divorces. Most times marriage is late. There is physical, financial or personal losses in life which bring misery to the native. Prison sentences are possible in some cases. In short, Shrapit Yoga in Tenth House generally implies life would be tough.

Shrapit Yoga in Eleventh House

     Shrapit Yoga in Eleventh House would cause problems with income. Income is probably low and often native has limited sources of income. There is little or no help derived from friends and social circle. Native generally suffers from low self-esteem and is prone to negativity unless there are other positive aspects on First House. There are court cases and native often has to give up his inheritance. There are tax troubles and troubles with the government. There are frictions possible with children and children are a source of worry. There can be sickness and troubles in old age.

Shrapit Yoga in Twelfth House

     Shrapit Yoga in Twelfth House is a surity that native would suffer extreme physical, monetary or personal losses in his life. There are debts, disease as well as hidden enemies which trouble natives. Shrapit Yoga in Twelfth House ensures native suffers from severe cash crunch and loses all his hard-earned savings once in his lifetime. Normally native isn't spiritual and has one or two bad addictions. Native sees some sort of confinement and restriction on movement in his life-time whether its prison sentence or in his own house. In Twelfth House, Shrapit Yoga is a nightmare to deal with causing emotional, monetary and personal losses.

Deal With It

     Many people would feel gloomy after reading such a bad outlook. But as mentioned in the previous article there is little or nothing that can be done. Many times we don't get to choose the cards given to us. Shrapit Yoga is there to balance karma whether someone likes it or not. The horoscope house decides the type of problems that are likely to trouble natives. Once the bad karma is settled then effects of Shrapit Yoga is diminished and Saturn starts giving positive results for the good deeds done by native even while facing troubles.

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