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About Aquarius Sign

     Aquarius Sign is known as Kumbha Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Aquarius Sign is a windy sign, male by gender and rules the west direction . It gives Vata Dosha. It rules the feet especially the parts below knee joints. Saturn is the lord of Aquarius Sign while Rahu is said to be exalted in Aquarius. 

Moon in Aquarius

     Moon in Aquarius Sign is located in the sign which belongs to its enemy Saturn. Aquarius natives are very hard to judge cause of their discreet nature. They are generally serious and show restraint in speech and emotions. That is why it is hard to decipher their true intentions. Aquarius natives when passing through difficulties show a tensed look. Aquarius natives are blessed with good analyzing ability and look at all the pros and cons of a situation before taking final judgment. They have good foresight and sometimes have been observed to have sixth sense. 

General Character

     Natives are medium or tall in height. Eyes are small and looks are decent. They are generally thin and possess a long face. Any sort of association with Saturn for those born with Moon in Aquarius Sign causes doubts and anxieties. Sometimes they tend to turn anxious due to worries and may even become depressed. They have a hard time focusing and forgetting insults. On the bright side they are sincere and fully trustworthy. They are not the type to leave a job which they have set out to do. They are blessed with great analytical power and their capacity to do hard work makes them a great asset at home and at workplace. Aquarius natives are passive and calm and dislike flashy people who have a habit of showoff. 

Due care need to taken by natives not be envious of others who are more successful. Aquarius natives are duty bound and honest and can provide sound advise without ever forcing their views on others. 


     Career for Aquarius natives(Moon in Aquarius Sign) is excellent where analysis and observation are required. Ideal career as a researcher or scientist. They can also make great doctors and pharmacist by making medicines out of potential poisonous substances. Besides that other career options include social work, software analysis, geography, electronics and even aviation sector. Ideally a career in job sector is better but depending on other factors in horoscope a career in business is also possible. Natives don't get along well with employers and remain strict towards employees working under them. 

Marriage and Family

     In family matters natives beget a kind and loving mother who is clever and looks after natives likes and dislikes. Children maybe few but tend to be kind and obedient. Equation with father is either so-so or bad depending on other factors. Rivalry and fights with siblings possible. They may have many friends depending on placement of Jupiter. Aquarius natives often change the company of friends they keep. Marriage Partner is flashy and loves to show off. Aquarius natives may need to play second fiddle in marriage. Marriage is delayed and frictions in marriage are not ruled out. 


Overthinking, tensed, unable To act on ideas, unable to focus.


Due to tension and anxiety common problems like cough, cold, indigestion and stomach pain are likely. Also diseases in urinal tract are possible. Diabetes and problems in blood circulation also likely. Pain, cramps and accidents of thigh region rise if Moon in Aquarius Sign is aspected or associated with malefics.

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