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About Capricorn Sign

     Capricorn Sign is popularly known as Makara Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Capricorn is an earthy sign, female by gender and rules the south direction. It gives both Vatta Dosha and Pitta Dosha. It controls both the knee joints and parts around it. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn Sign. Mars is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn Sign.

Moon in Capricorn Sign

     Moon in Capricorn Sign is in the sign of its enemy Saturn. Saturn and Moon are polar opposites in terms of personality. Hence Moon's placement in the Capricorn Sign is inconvenient in many ways. Traits like rules, rigidity, organisation and discipline associated with Capricorn Sign are disliked by the free thinking and emotional Moon. But where there are rules, regulations and discipline is where success is sure to follow. So Moon's placement in Capricorn is not a bad thing to have. Capricorn natives are quite ambitious in life. There are negatives like tensions, worries and depression observed in the Capricorn natives from time to time. 

General Character

     Capricorn natives have long neck and short or medium stature. Hair maybe less on head and baldness possible with age. Face is round while eyes are small. A lot of body hair is observed. Teeth could be disordered. Due to thin body the veins on the body are visible especially on hands. They like to dress modestly. Capricorn natives are serious and disciplined in life. They are careful in thoughts, speech and action.They have a rigid nature and generally do not open up to strangers. They have an introvert personality. They are stingy in spending and firm in their views. Capricorn natives inherit rigidity of Saturn while Aquarius natives inherit the anxious nature associated with Saturn.

For the enemies Capricorn natives are filled with hatred and vengeance. They have few friends and well wishers due to their introvert personality. They are unable to truly open up to others or trust them implicitly. Many a times their own mind and thoughts become a prison for them and that stalls progress. Sometimes they experience depression, anger, anxiety, doubt, envy, panic and other negative emotions. Capricorn natives often see delay, obstruction and unforeseen circumstances in their life. Care is required not to lose hope during those tough times.


     In career Capricorn natives are often confused which career path would be beneficial. Progress comes late and after a lot of hardships. But the same difficulties later enables them to become success. Also due to hardships in childhood they become very ambitious and willing to work their way to the top. In a way all the difficulties inject them with a sense of hope, ambition and sincerity to achieve success in life. Capricorn natives are highly advised to pursue business after certain period of life has passed. Career in garments, government jobs, as builder and color chemical is possible. They can be successful in any business associated with Saturn like oil import-export, iron and iron ore, steel, software-hardware development, IT consultancy and accountancy among others. Even judicial roles could be suited.

Marriage and Family

     In family matters native doesn't get well with friends or family. Their secretive personality, doubting nature and negative emotions make them less popular. Generally Capricorn natives get more care and affection from their father. Friends are few and quite a few times back-stab the natives. It is advised for natives to keep information confidential from friends and well-wishers. Capricorn native get well along with elders in the household especially grand mother and grand father. Average relationship is observed with the children. Native gets a life partner who is beautiful, fair, humble and kind as 7th house from Capricorn is Cancer Sign. The marriage partner is better half in every way possible be it a male or female. Capricorn natives generally marry late in life.


Introvert, mentally weak, overtly ambitious, unforgiving nature, negative thoughts. 


     Diseases of the mind like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia are all possible. Also troubles in knee joints is possible. At old age knee-joint replacement surgery maybe necessary. Other diseases include indigestion due to excessive thinking, problems of kidney, diabetes, pain in urinal tract. Sometimes paralysis is also possible.  Generally bad health has been observed for Capricorn natives.

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