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Adding Salt over Wound

     As explained in first article, Saturn+Rahu or Saturn+Ketu together in same horoscope sign causes Shrapit Yoga. Second article dealt with effects of Shrapit Yoga in Twelve Houses. But its not over until we discuss association of Shrapit Yoga with other planets. 

     As long as there is assocation of Saturn and Rahu/Ketu with other planets via placement or aspect there are bound to be troubles in life of a native. If Shrapit Yoga is fire then association of other planet is gasoline. If Shrapit Yoga is a deep wound then association of other planets would be adding salt to that wound. Below are the association of various planets with Shrapit Yoga.

Sun's Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Sun hates both Saturn and Rahu. Sun in same house or aspecting Saturn causes Pitru Dosha. Natives life is full of difficulties and struggles with little or no help from father. Native has ego issues with father. Career is unstable and confidence is hurt by Sun+Saturn association.

     Rahu together with Sun or aspecting Sun causes Grahan Yoga. Sun represents intelligence and Rahu represents eclipse. Sun's intelligence, rational thinking and morality are eclipsed due to Rahu's immoral desires and illicit actions. Naturally native often takes risky decisions and pays heavily for it.

     Saturn+Rahu would only cause Shrapit Yoga. But Sun's association would add Pitru Dosha as well as Grahan Yoga to a native's horoscope.

Moon's Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Moon, Saturn and Rahu are polar opposites of one another and just don't see eye-to-eye. Saturn+Moon in same horoscope sign causes Visha Yoga. After Shrapit Yoga, Visha Yoga is probably the worst yoga to have in horoscope cause it directly affects the mind. It gives difficulties, instability and weak mind. If Moon just aspects the house where Shrapit Yoga is caused then effects aren't that bad.

     Moon+Rahu or Moon+Ketu in same horoscope sign causes Grahan Yoga. Rahu association with Moon causes depression, negative thoughts and in some causes mental retardation. Mind of the native is unable to take decisions and is susceptible to hearsay.

     Saturn+Rahu would only cause Shrapit Yoga. But Moon's association would add Visha Yoga and Grahan Yoga also to a native's horoscope.

Mars Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Mars is neutral towards Saturn but hates Rahu. Ofcourse association of Mars and Saturn via placement or aspect isn't without its share of difficulties and struggles. But Mars is a hard worker while Saturn is a careful thinker. Mars and Saturn do struggle at first but after sometime they adapt and learn to compromise. Native does see success and prosperity. Ofcourse happiness and easy life are a distant dream. Mars+Saturn in same horoscope sign is more desirable compared to Mars and Saturn aspecting each other.

     Rahu/Ketu and Mars together in same horoscope sign causes the troublesome Angarak Yoga. It causes frustration, anger and impatience in a native. Normally speech is rude and attitude aggressive. That does not go down well with friends, marriage partner and co-workers.

     Mars and Saturn may not cause problems but Mars along with Saturn+Rahu or Saturn+Ketu would cause Anagarak Yoga which makes for an angry and impatient individual. Shrapit Yoga would give troubles while Angarak Yoga would frustrate the native.

Mercury's Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Mercury is neutral towards Saturn but creates problems in association with Rahu. Mercury with Saturn alone would give excellent analytical and deduction skills. But Rahu/Ketu along with Mercury and Saturn would cause neurological disorders and mental retardation in some cases. Native suffers from diseases of nerves and has difficulties communicating. There are chances of skin diseases, skin cancer or cancer in pancreas. Native may age quickly. Mercury along with Saturn and Rahu/Ketu affects physical and mental health.

Jupiter's Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Jupiter's placement with Rahu causes Vipra-Chandal Yoga. Jupiter and Rahu hate each other but Jupiter is somewhat neutral towards Saturn. Saturn does put brakes on Jupiter's magnanimous personality. The native may become a pessimist and stingy person if the kind-hearted Jupiter is in same house as the negative, frugal and over-bearing Saturn. Jupiter's association with Rahu causes maximum damage to the native. Jupiter along with Saturn and Ketu is equally bad as it gives too many hardships and pushes native towards spirituality. Shrapit Yoga along with Vipra Chandal Yoga ensures native doesn't receive any help when required and luck generally doesn't favor him.

Venus Association with Shrapit Yoga

     Venus placed alongside Saturn and Rahu/Ketu is a nightmare for romance and marriage. Venus with Saturn and Ketu would ensure native has little or no romance in his/her life. There are high chances of break-ups and disappointments in marriage life. Venus with Rahu and Saturn could lead to impulsive marriage. Later cracks appear in marriage and there are chances of painful divorce. There are also chances of diabetes and some sort of addictions if Venus is associated with Saturn and Rahu/Ketu. On bright side association of Venus with Ketu can make a person a good doctor.

Is there any Silver Lining?

     All three articles on Shrapit Yoga just talked about gloom and doom of how this yoga would wreck the life of the native. But there is hope in everything. As long as native doesn't give up and engages in good karma, it would eventually show happiness and success to the native. Only those who have seen difficulties and hardships in life can encourage, emphathize and enable others around to rise above struggles and succeed.

     As the Chinese saying goes: "Toughest steel is forged in the hottest of fires". Natives who are born with Shrapit Yoga would only see success after facing countless hurdles and difficulties. To other around they are a source of inspiration as they rise above difficulties and carve out a path to success. They should never lose faith in power of karma.

Don't try shortcuts

     A lot of those born with Shrapit Yoga would try shortcut remedies and easy way out of troubles. Its a futile exercise and would only show disappointments after sometime. There is no escaping karma. If you see difficulties and struggles as bothersome then it would ruin your life. If you see them as stepping stones then it would reward you later once the bad karma runs out. So don't try shortcuts if you are born with this yoga. It just won't help.

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