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What is Vipra Chandal Yoga?

   Vipra Chandal Yoga(VCY) is the yoga formed when Jupiter and Rahu combine together in the same house in a horoscope. It is also called Guru Chandal Yoga. This yoga generally arises when a native has insulted or wronged a honest, pious and spiritual soul in past lives. Vipra in Sanskrit means a Brahmin or pious soul while Chandal means a ghastly, roaming and uncultured person. Jupiter is considered Vipra while Rahu is considered Chandal so the name Vipra Chandal Yoga. Ofcourse modern day interpretation of Rahu is quite different. Today Rahu represents the PR (Public Relations) Machine who can sell anything whether the product or person is worth the money or not. Alas! No matter how good the packaging is if the product isn't nice then there are bound to be unhappy customers. Similar is the fate of modern day PR Machine called Rahu, Eventually people see through the deceit and cunningness and you can expect tomatoes, shoes and eggs being hurled at you if you go by Rahu's fake PR. 

How is Vipra Chandal Yoga Formed

   Every 7-8 years the smart, quiet, sensible, pious and religious Jupiter combines with the faker, poser, liar in Rahu and the problematic VCY is formed. When two opposing planets combine in a horoscope house there are bound to be fights and struggles. In normal scenario two planets located in one horoscope house start to get along after sometime and learn to adjust and accommodate each other. Sometimes they even compliment each other but when Rahu combines with any planet the opposite is true. Rahu is desire, lust and greed personified. Rahu may turn good and humble for few days but inner cravings and desire don't go away. Sooner or later he resorts to illegal and unethical activities to get the things he desires. The problem here is Jupiter is so religious and righteous that he cannot fathom illegal activities. So the cursed yoga called VCY or Guru Chandal Yoga is formed.

     When two or more planets are in the same horoscope the strongest placement always wins and dictates terms for other planet. So if Jupiter is strong in a horoscope then he would dictate terms and generally a good character, religious nature and honest individual is observed. But if Rahu is strong then person is drawn by immoral activities, is an atheist or fakes religion for personal gains and even resorts to illegal activities. Before judging the effects of Guru Chandal Yoga it is necessary to get your horoscope analysed and know the strength of Jupiter.

Vipra Chandal Yoga in 12 Houses

1st House: When VCY is formed in the 1st house the native begets an immoral character and is inclined to unethical deeds, unsocial desires and cravings. He maybe unapologetic and ungrateful to others. If VCY is formed with Jupiter in strong position then native maybe religious, kindhearted, learned and inclined to follow social norms.

2nd House: If Jupiter is not strong then native may have problems in speaking clearly and may even stammer or lisp. Native may have a hard time in creating any savings. Relationship with family members also suffers. 

3rd House: Frictions with siblings and animosity with them is suggested. Native may have to suffer in foreign lands. Sometimes he has to come back after losing a fortune in foreign lands. Many resolute activities provide little or no gains for native. Desired success is not possible no matter how concrete the efforts.

4th House: In 4th house VCY causes frequent changes in residence. Legal cases in property matters and inheritance also quite high. Very little inheritance and parental property suggested. If Jupiter is in good condition reverse case is true.

5th House: In 5th house VCY causes troubles in conceiving children. Enmity with children or death of children is also possible. Native may get bad publicity due to no fault of his. Heavy losses in stock exchange or gambling possible if Jupiter is in bad disposition.

6th House: Health suffers when Guru Chandal Yoga is formed in 6th house. Though wealth maybe good. Relationship with father and boss may suffer. Savings and Family would suffer due to continuous bad health.

7th House: In 7th House VCY makes the native beget an unfaithful partner. The equation with marriage partner is not ideal. In business partnership there are chances of back stabbing by partners. 

8th House: In 8th house native may suffer from colic pains or injuries near navel. Generally there is no inheritance and legal cases related to tax frauds or hidden wealth are possible.

9th House: In 9th house VCY may make the native an atheist, immoral and have a troubled life on foreign shores. But if Jupiter is in a good condition native maybe religious, successful and visits or lives a happy life on foreign shores.

10th House: VCY in 10th house gives instability in career and native has to frequently change jobs. Chances of promotion are few and far fetched. There are friction with boss and father and there is no enjoyment at workplace. 

11th House: VCY in 11th house cause failures in studies. There is also chances of dishonor in life. Income and Profit are scarce. 

12th House: Somewhat better results are expected when Guru Chandal yoga is in 12th house. One has to travel to foreign locations for religious purpose or to earn a living. But there is loss of savings and in some cases even legal cases and prison sentence possible if Jupiter is in bad position.

Remedies For Vipra Chandal Yoga

Though there are countless remedies suggested but the best remedy is to offer services (seva) to an elderly, teacher, guru or priestly person. This yoga occurs when a righteous person is insulted or wronged so it is only natural to correct that wrong by giving the right respect back to a righteous person. Prayers to Lord Dattatreya or chanting of Vishnu Sahasaranama are also advised. Try not to do any special poojas unless it is absolutely necessary. Focus on helping elderly and things would work out just fine. 

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