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What is Sasha Yoga? How is it formed?

Sasha Yoga is formed when Shani is in uccha rashi (exalted sign) or swakshetra rashi (own sign) in a Vishnu Sthana or Laxmi Sthana. In simpler terms Shani has to be in his own two signs (Makara Rashi & Kumbha Rashi) or exalted sign (Tula Rashi) and also be in 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 5th house, 9th house or 10th house for Sasha Yoga to occur. There are astrology texts which say even Chandra Lagna (Chandra counted as 1st house) can be used to see if there is Sasha Yoga but general observation is that lagna based horoscope is more accurate then Chandra based horoscope. 

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Examples of Sasha Yoga

Effects of Sasha Yoga

     One born in Sasha Yoga commands good servants but has a questionable character. He would attain high position in life as head of village, town or even a king. Modern day interpretation tend to be head of an Small/Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise, Mayor, Governor, CM or even PM/President depending on the strength of Sasha Yoga and other planets in horoscope. He would take away others riches and be wicked by nature. This only holds true if there are other malefic influence in horoscope. 

    Another explanation says Sasha Yoga natives have excellent political wit even if person is from ordinary family. The native manages to have employees and servants under his/her command. They have humble and noble nature on one hand but an astute political mind on other side. The native's growth is gradual and visible after 36 years of age has already passed.

Not the best yoga to have

All said and done what has largely been observed is people with Saturn in exaltion or own sign have a difficult life. They may have high position, fame and fortune but happiness and peace of mind could be missing. Sasha Yoga is one of the Maha Raj Yogas and one of contributors to Panch Mahapurusha Yoga in astrology.


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