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Indicators Of Weak Jupiter

 Jupiter is known as Guru in Vedic Astrology. Guru in Sanskrit means one who imparts knowledge and guides his students to differentiate between right and wrong. The English equivalent term for Guru does not exist and the terms "Teacher" and "Mentor" don't really do justice to Sanskrit Word "Guru".

Jupiter as a planet in Vedic Astrology is the significator for fortune, wealth and happiness. Below mentioned points are significators of troublesome Jupiter in horoscope

  1. A weak Jupiter ensures there is little or no help available in any sphere of life and native has to work very hard to achieve anything in life.
  2. Jupiter signifies Abundance be it wealth, progeny (children) or happiness. Natives who lack most of these may have a weak or afflicted Jupiter
  3. As suggested earlier difficulty in conceiving child maybe due to a weak Jupiter but it may not always be the case as other planets and 5th House also cause difficulties in conceiving.
  4. Native living on borderline poverty and having great difficulties in feeding his family may also have a weak Jupiter.
  5. Jupiter often causes obesity especially in the 6th house. Obesity in turn causes other health problems.
  6. A native cannot get good education and also lacks necessary knowledge to complete task on hand if there is a weak Jupiter.
  7. Profits from Stock Trading, Investments, Insurance, Mutual Funds and other sources is very less or runs in losses. This ensures overall wealth of native doesn't have steep rise.
  8. If one can read a horoscope then association of Jupiter with Rahu causes Vipra-Chandal Yoga whereas aspect of Saturn on Jupiter also affects the capacity of Jupiter to do good to native.

Strong Jupiter or Weak Jupiter?

 Jupiter's association with Mercury and Venus is bad as both are enemies of Jupiter. But natives with Jupiter+Venus or Jupiter+Mercury in the same house have surprisingly great amount of wealth. Although most of the times it is through illegal means. So if you do not fear Karma's Whipping then Jupiter+Venus and Jupiter+Mercury are not at all bad. Having said that Prarabdha of native catches up sooner or later and it is better to avoid illegal route to success.

 Jupiter's association with Saturn or Ketu is considered very bad as it destroys the promise of a happy and successful life. But Jupiter's association with Ketu or Saturn is great for Spirituality and Quest For Knowledge. It is the greatest boon for those who want to get closer to their maker. But for others it is just Hard Luck. In these cases your character and thoughts decide whether it is good or bad Jupiter.

Spiritual Remedies For Jupiter

 Though old Vedic Texts mention Indra as natural God of planet Jupiter, Lord Dattatreya who is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu is more popular today to aid weak Jupiter. Dattatreya was born from blessing of Trimurti. Dattatreya teaches people to observe others and take the positives from them. Dattatreya and his Twenty-Four Guru's is quite a famous story in Indian Folklore. Also some people pray to Shirdi's Sai-Baba as a God. Ideally prayers to Dattatreya would suffice but mantras of planet Jupiter composed by Ved Vyasa can also be recited to aid a weak Jupiter.

Jupiter Japa Mantra

देवानांच ऋषीनांच गुरुं कांचन सन्निभम् I
बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम् II

Devanam cha Rishinaam cha Jupiterm Kanchana Sannibham
Budhi-bhootam Trilokesham tam Namami Brihaspatim

Jupiter Gayatri Mantra

Om vrishabadhwajaaya vidmahae kruni hastaaya dheemahi tanno guru-hu prachodayaat

Physical Remedies For Jupiter

Weak Jupiter natives are often lazy and obese. To cure that the best pranayam is Kapal Bhati Pranayam. A 15-20 minutes a day is enough to burn considerable fat. In addition to losing weight Kapal Bhati also helps gain healthy heart, removes constipation, cures skin problems and help with ulcers. The native must also regularly do Surya Namaskar as it helps burn fat and stay fit.

A brisk walk or aerobics in morning is also quite helpful. Natives with weak or debilitated Jupiter are warned not to overdo exercise especially heavy weight lifting exercises. Six pack abs require grueling workout in a gym and unfortunately natives with weak or debilitated Jupiter are too lazy to do it regularly.

Diet For Jupiter

Food made from Yellow Lentils(Chana Dal) is ideal for consumption on Thursdays. Fast or eat only once on a Thursday to rest the digestive system. Yellow Lentils when soaked absorbs maximum amount of water. The water content in the yellow lentils gives sense of contentment to the body even though consumption maybe less. Yellow Lentils are also known to relieve constipation. If native is obese then eating boiled and low-fried food is also advised.

Donation Items For Jupiter

Jupiter is a brahmin. Brahmin here doesn't necessarily mean a caste system but one who is pious, knowledgable and is content with whatever life has to offer. Such a noble soul should be given utmost respect irrespective of his caste, color, race and gender. This is the sure shot way to cure an ailing Jupiter.

Natives with weak Jupiter should donate yellow clothes and other yellow things like sandalwood(chandan), yellow lentils among other things to pious souls. They should share their food and wealth with others according to their capacity. This will slowly but surely open up their Fortune Doors.

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