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Pitru Dosha Part Two

     In Part 1 of the 3 Part Series on Pitru Dosha we looked at how Pitru Dosha is formed by sins of our father. In this part we would look at the various yogas which suggests a Pitru Dosha in your horoscope. When you have a certain yogas you can be sure that your forefathers had done something naughty. Ofcourse an individual with a Pitru Dosha is no angel. He is sure to have done some crime which befits the present life misery. 

Accept It Or Leave It

     But human beings have a habit of rejecting their faults. They believe they are perfect and can do no wrong. But unfortunately the higher force which we call as God has the ability to see all our right and wrong. At this point you can reject it and move forward in the direction which suits you. But if you have placed your faith in astrology then be ready to accept fault and that you have wronged someone. Whom, How and Why are explained below. That would be the first step to correcting the problem. 

Surya Shani Yuti

Surya and Shani in a single house spells doomsday for natives. Surya and Shani are father and son and like many father-son duo they don't get along well. Just think of Shani as a grown and rebellious teenager and Surya as an indifferent and disciplinarian father who fails to understand his son's choices. As many can guess there are bound to be conflicts in such scenarios. When it is in rashi of Surya (Simha Rashi) or Shani (Makara Rashi and Kumbha Rashi) you can be assured all hell breaks loose. One planet tends to dominate the other and other doesn't like it one bit. Shani teaches discipline in life, likes slow but steady progress, prefers down-to-earth simple personalities while Surya is royalty, like to show off and never the type to think twice in arrogance. 

     Shani Surya yuti is a sure sign that you have caused emotional distress to others by failing to emphatize with them. The house placement, the rashi and drishti/aspect shed more light on person who was harmed by you. Say Shani and Surya yuti is in 10th house then chances of you getting a very bad boss rise quite dramatically. There maybe chances of having enmity with father. Shani Surya yuti in 10th house is a direct result of an individual having done wrong to his father or subordinates. Similarly in Shani Surya yuti in first house could suggest a lifetime of difficulties. It is safe to assume that in the past lives you might have been overworking or taking advantage of a few people. If you are humiliated quite often and you tend to have a Shani Surya yuti you can assume that your ego in past life was much more then required. 

Guru Rahu Yuti

Guru Rahu Yuti is also called Guru Chandal Yoga. Guru is a nice guy and Rahu is a poser and a double-cross. Guru likes simplicity and is quite knowlegable. Rahu like complexity and is quite shallow in thought. Guru likes to be humble as he believes that calm ocean are deep. While Rahu likes to show off and believes that which is visible sells. Well for obvious reasons these two planets do not see eye-to-eye. When Guru and Rahu are a yuti in any house other then those belonging to Guru you can bet on it that you wronged a simple and down-to-earth soul. Guru-Rahu yuti individuals know what is right thing to do but can find it difficult to do that right thing. It is in their instinct to choose a illegal route for success and the struggle lies in the realization that they already knew it was wrong thing to do in the first place. Yet just as a firefly goes into fire for its destruction, the Guru Rahu yuti natives is attracted to illegal/shortcut means for success. Ultimately he fails and the karma is balanced. If you have realized already that you have a Guru Rahu yuti be sure to take path of the simple and benevolent Guru. The success would come a lot later but rest assured it would come. But if you chose the path of Rahu early success maybe possible but late misery is certain. So choose wisely and choose the path of Guru when you have a Guru Rahu yuti in a horoscope. 

Shani Chandra Yuti

Shani Chandra yuti is also called Visha Yoga. It is direct result of having caused immense emotional torture to someone in previous life, having taken more credit then actually deserving and having got more returns then what they worked for. This results in present life full of hardships and everything is very hard to get and emotional trauma is too much to bear. Many resort to suicide cause they can't handle the pressure. Shani Chandra Yuti people have emotional scars which would lead them to greatness if they survive them. But Alas!! They can be both a tormenter and a helper. The choice is always with them. So choose wisely and choose the path that helps mankind in future.

Surya Rahu Yuti or Chandra Rahu Yuti

Both Surya Rahu Yuti and Chandra Rahu Yuti signify Grahan Yoga. Surya signifies intelligence while Chandra signifies mind. Rahu is illusion. In simple terms both these yutis cast an eclipse (grahan) on intelligence and mind to think clearly and rationally. Often natives with these two yutis make rash decisions which results in financial, emotional or physical loss. For example a native with Grahan yoga may invest all his fortune in share markets on a single script. But that script price are reduced to half and there is no way to come back. The natives with Surya Rahu Yuti and Chandra Rahu Yuti have been oversmart and made a fool out of some innocent person. Karma catches up and all their intelligence and minds thinking capacity goes down the drain and they make the choices which even an idiot would not make. There is a saying in sanskrit: विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि. It just means you would be a fool at your end time. That only applies for wrong doers and Surya Rahu Yuti and Chandra Rahu Yuti were no saints in previous lives. Fear not cause once the karma cancels the bad deeds the mind and intelligence returns to normal. There are ample chances to earn what is lost or replace it atleast. 

Have Faith & Patience

     If you have faith in astrology then learn to accept the fundamentals associated with it. Learn to admit that something must have been done wrong by you for misery to fall on you. The first step is acceptance. Everyone gets birth based on Prarabdha accumulated from Past Lives and Purushartha in Present Life can become the Prarabdha for Later Life and thoughts. Individuals who seek help from Astrologers want instant solutions. Those idiotic astrologers also point by doing this and that it would get cured in these many days. But if you want a humble opinion from an astrologer who has seen the hardships be prepared to wait long and hard for wrong to turn right. If it is some minor Gochara Transit like Shani visiting your rashi for two and half years there is no problem. But if it is one of the above mentioned Pitru Dosha then be prepared for a long term test. More on this in Part 3. Feel free to comment if you like the post. If you have any queries feel free to contact me. 

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