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Evolution Of Astrology

Every subject needs refinement with changing times. The subjects evolve as the perception and logic around the given subject change. Astrology like other subjects did evolve but many of the points evolved based on mindless superstitions. Lal Kitab Remedies, removal of Kaal Sarpa Dosha via rituals and poojas, Pitru Dosha Removal are a few such farce carried out in name of astrology. A non-existent kaal sarpa dosham is a ticket to earn 5000-10,000 ₹ for the greedy astrologer. If the customer is from US or other rich countries then it is Hallelujah for astrologer. Customers are sold Shree Yantra, Feng Shui and what not in the name of bringing luck and prosperity. It would have been fine if atleast the astrologer bothered to teach the reason behind buying those Good Luck Charms. Astrology has become a tool to build fear psychosis instead of giving rational explanation and logical remedy to a problem.

Applying Modern Management Principles To Astrology

Vedic Astrology is based on Mathematics of Planetary Trajection and Analysis of its impact on humans and other life on earth. For example if Saturn+Moon are together in the same horoscope house then the native is said to have Visha Yoga. Analysis and Observation have shown Visha Yoga Natives are weak minded and have to work very hard for low returns. But rather then knowing the characteristics and working on solution everything is left on Astrology and Astrologer. A modern management perspective wouldn't be bad to cultivate albeit all the native needs to do is combine it with astrology. SWOT Analysis is a management concept used to work out Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) that an individual or a business faces. Applying this same principle in astrology can give better results then other superficial remedies and solutions given out by astrologers. 

Knowing Strengths In Horoscope

In Astrology the Strengths are the exalted planets or planets in friendly signs. Also benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon occupying a friendly sign, placement of such planets in Vishnu Sthanas are the sign of strength in the horoscope. If there are planets like Mercury+Sun, Moon+Jupiter or Moon+Venus then they are also classified as strengths in the horoscope. So if you have Moon+Jupiter combination then a powerful astrological yoga called Gaja-Kesari Yoga  is formed which gives abundant wealth, kind and benevolent nature. Moon+Venus gives wonderful results in marriage and romance and also in business associated with ornaments, sweets and entertainment. Mercury+Sun gives health, wealth and intelligence which is great for business, diplomacy and career as writer. Parivartana Yoga gives excellent result for the matters where the two planets involved in Parivartana Yoga are placed. 

Knowing Weakness In Horoscope

Weakness in the horoscope are suggested by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in Vishnu Sthanas or enemy signs. Saturn+Moon, Moon+Rahu, Jupiter+Rahu, Mars+Rahu, Mars and Saturn aspecting each other (causes Angarak Yoga), Saturn+Sun in same house or aspecting each other, Saturn+Rahu, Saturn+Ketu, Saturn+Rahu+other planets, Saturn+Ketu+other planets are signs of weakness in horoscope. They need to be thought of as challenges that need to be handled carefully and overcome through hard work, patience and perseverence. 

Knowing Opportunities Present In Horoscope

Opportunities are the Vargottama Periods in Vimshottari Dasha Period. When a given planet occupies the same sign in the ascendant horoscope (D-1 Chart) and navamsha horoscope (D-9 Chart) then the planet is said to be Vargottama. It provides favorable result in his Vimshottari Dasha Period. Yogas like Vipreeta Raja Yoga and Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga can also be counted as Opportunities if present in horoscope. They may or may not fructify but if present in horoscope they should be counted as an opportunity to get out of misery by the native. Ofcourse both Purushartha and Prarabdha are required to ensure those yogas which provide opportunity actually fructify.

Knowing Threats In Horoscope

Threats are Sade-Sati Periods, Rahu's Gochara transit over planets especially Sun and Moon. During such times rational thinking is replaced by anger and insanity. Often the mind of the native is clouded with illusions and frustrations. At such times it is ill-advised to take any important decision. Also problematic could be 8th house Gochara transit of Ketu which could bring divorce. Vimshottari Dasha Periods of weak placed planet could also bring troubles to the native. 

Correct Yourself Not The Horoscope

The native who consults astrology for getting rid of troubles needs to understand that fault lies in himself. The stars and planets keep transitioning over a fixed axis and they do not change their trajectory to help or harm the native. So do not curse them if you are in a predicament at present. The only way to get out of present predicament is to focus on your strengths, work on your weaknesses, analyse any opportunities that come your way and scan for threats which may hinder progress. Success is not far if a careful SWOT Analysis of Horoscope is done by native. Instead of waiting for planets to change it is far better if the native himself or herself changes. Sooner or later success and happiness would come his or her way.


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