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Instability In Life- Prime Agents

The very mention of word Sade-Sati is sure to send shivers down the spine of those who know of its impacts. The devastation and carnage it causes is unparalleled. Sade-Sati can cause havoc to routine life. Human Psychology hates instability and Sade-Sati is a prime agent apart from Ketu who brings instability in life. The instability inspired by Ketu comes with renounciation of worldly desires. The native is fed up of normal routine and seeks detachment and recluse in Ketu Periods.

Sade-Sati is a stern teacher, not a ruthless killer

But in a Sade-Sati the native is in no mood to give up the luxuries which are taken away yet Saturn compels the native to give up, grow up and move forward. Imagine parents sending their obnoxious and indisciplined child to a boarding school. The child may think his parents are cruel and do not care for him. But parents want the child to learn discipline and manners. They have the best intentions at heart even though their actions may appear hard on the child.

Saturn Sade-Sati is similar cause Saturn takes away all the luxuries and liberties from natives life but he actually wants them to learn a valuable lesson in life. But human psychology hates difficulties and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Fortunately most natives only live to experience a Sade-Sati thrice in their life. 

Impact Of First Sade-Sati

The first Sade-Sati impacts the mind and emotions. It makes the native give up his inherited thought patterns and start thinking in a new direction if it occurs in youth years. If the native encounters the first Sade-Sati in early childhood then it is very likely to shape the native to be self reliant from a very young age. The native under effect of Sade-Sati may lose both or one of his parents, maybe weak in studies, may fail an exam, get rejected by his romantic interest, get some sort of physical ailment or something related to childhood and youth which make him frustrated as others around him do not face such difficulties. 

Impact Of Second Sade-Sati

The second Sade-Sati impacts the career and family life of native. The social life and prestige take the prime stage in this Saade-Sati. Native would suffer from instability in career and perhaps frictions at work place with bosses and co-workers is possible. Frequent change of jobs and failures in business ventures could frustrate the native and impact his social life. Sometimes there are indifferences with the marriage partner and it could also lead to divorce. There could be huge financial losses due to investement going wrong or some sort of adversity befalling on the native. All in all the social identity and reputation are greatly impacted in this Sade-Sati and native struggles to gain acceptance in the society. 

Impact Of Third Sade-Sati

The third Sade-Sati impacts the body via disease and sorrows. When the third Sade-Sati catches up the native would very likely be old and retired. In old age all that a person desires is a good healthy body and someone to share their time with. In old age if Sade-Sati shows its wrath then native may suffer from incurable diseases, be treated very badly by their children or even be thrown out of his/her own house. Native may wish to communicate but he may witness long days of loneliness with others avoiding him or perhaps being busy in their schedules. There could be long and incurable diseases which would give acute pain and sorrow to the native. 

Learning From Difficulties

The good thing is each phase of Sade-Sati teaches an important lesson to the native. The first Sade-Sati teaches native to be self-reliant or change his thought pattern so he may better do the Karma assigned to him. Failures in romance or education teach him to continue moving forward inspite of rejection and dejection. The second Sade-Sati teaches the native to balance work and family life. Failures in business or marriage help him to better understand how to handle finance and relationships. Social ups and downs teach the native to keep a calm and composed attitude no matter what calamity befalls on him.The last Sade-Sati teaches the native of limitations of the body through disease. While it pains unbearably to see your own family ignore you in old age it is important for the native to understand that his prime is over and he may not have a say in any important matter anymore. This is the time to let go of resentment and hatred for others. 

Accept it & Move Forward

Sade-Sati is indeed a difficult time for native but wishing for it to disappear won't make it go away. Instead try to understand what Saturn is trying to teach. Saturn is a wonderful teacher and an even better judge. Every misery that befalls on the native during Sade-Sati is to balance his karma and make him achieve his purpose in life.

Sade-Sati only runs for at most twenty-two and half years but those years shape the destiny and life of individual. Sade-Sati doesn't give bad results during the entire seven and half period of a single phase. Saturn may give difficulties but he also provides enough endurance to deal with those difficulties. What those encountered difficulties would ensure is rest of the natives life passes smoothly and successfully from the lessons learnt during the Sade-Sati period. 


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